Magniflex Details New Sustainable Development Objectives

Interview with Marco Magni and Camilla Bigagli, American CEO and Marketing & Communication Manager respectively of Magniflex


Sustainable development: this is the future goal of Magniflex, which has recently decided to join the UN Sustainable Development Goals project. Today sustainable development goals are becoming more common in a transnational context. But what are they? Let's find out together with Marco Magni, American CEO of Magniflex.

Sustainable Development Goals: What are they about?

Sustainable Development Goals is a project articulated in 17 goals, adopted by the 193 UN member countries in 2015 when the shared will of the nations found an outlet in a common project for the sustainable development of the planet. The 17 points, articulated in a structured way with the aim of being completed by 2030, concern the economic, social, and environmental development of the various communities.

Sustainability is now one of the essential objectives; all companies are called upon to do something tangible for the world and for the future of new generations. At Magniflex, we have always been attentive to environmental issues, but our awareness is growing and consequently so are the projects that, day after day, we decide to embrace.

Why has Magniflex decided to join the SDG's project? What are the values that link the brand to the initiative?

Our commitment towards the planet's sustainability began way back in 1986, with the invention of the vacuum-packed mattress, a patented solution that minimizes the environmental impact of transport. Whereas before its invention only 25 mattresses could be stored, that number reached 100 with our vacuum-packed technology, which, thanks to the absence of air, helps to maintain hygiene and quality during all logistic operations. The saving in terms of traffic and CO2 production is rather significant (-75%).

Sensitivity to these issues is a heritage of our people and is transformed into corporate commitments. I want to mention two of them:

● Energy Supply

Our solar power panels allow us to reduce electricity requirements of our manufacturing plants (from the grid) by 30%; the 370,000 kW/h per year that we produce help meet the needs of the grid itself by introducing, at certain times, clean electricity for the benefit of everyone

● The Waste Cycle

100% of polyurethane waste is reused for the production of agglomerates or insulating panels; as much as 95% of special waste is delivered and sent to a Second Life that excludes its disposal and ensures it is recycled for a series of applications of varying utility.

Investing in the future to build corporate sustainability. What approach will Magniflex adopt?

Our way of doing business is to combine nature and technology, and to continue this commitment, we have decided to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals project.

This is a very important initiative that will demand serious investments on our part in the coming years. There can only be one future, and that future is essentially sustainable. This choice makes us responsible and binds us to the need to achieve increasingly efficient environmental performance.

Speaking of the future and corporate strategy in the coming months, let's find out how Magniflex will operate in the words of Camilla Bigagli, Marketing & Communication Manager.

How will the topic of sustainable development and SDGs be addressed in terms of communication?

The first aim will be to raise awareness of sustainability among our consumers. We believe that addressing the issue on an ongoing basis and from different perspectives will help to fuel the positive drive for change.

It's clear these major issues are our collectively shared responsibility representing changes in our lifestyles and our consumption habits that will allow us to achieve tangible goals in the short term. In addition to this, we will try to set an example by bringing to light facts that will demonstrate Magniflex's commitment to handling its share of responsibility.

What short- and medium-term objectives does Magniflex have for its sustainable communication and business strategy?

We are working on several levels; here are some examples regarding the company's chief departments:

  • Production: optimization of manufacturing processes and consumption, with the aim of progressively reducing their impact on the environment every year.
  • Commercial: by encouraging our customers to adopt sustainable packaging solutions (vacuum-packed technology).
  • R&D: looking for innovative solutions to optimize production waste.
  • Communication: disseminating information to schools and organizing events to support sustainable issues.

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