Whiskey Caviar Announces Launch of Premier Online Delivery Liquor Store

Long-term relationships with the top-notch suppliers offer consumers best pricing and diverse collection

Whiskey online sales

Whiskey Caviar announced today the launch of their new e-commerce website, featuring over 5,000 hard-to-find spirits, beer, wine and more. This new digital store is their latest addition to an already fast-paced and successful liquor store located in Cardiff California. Over the years, Whiskey Caviar has cultivated a number of trusted relationships with distributors and suppliers from all over the world and can now offer rare selections to be purchased online for home delivery. Projected sales will soon outpace the competition of other online liquor stores by offering the most select product, and quickest delivery. As a result, Whiskey Caviar will secure themselves as the #1 online national delivery liquor store, https://whiskeycaviar.com/.

The extreme volume of online e-commerce activity has increased since COVID-19, especially with the closure of businesses that serve alcohol. Some bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues will recover, others may not. In the meantime, online stores continue to surge as shoppers enjoy the convenience of ordering spirits, beer, wine, cigars, etc. online, and safely consuming it at home.

"We're excited to capitalize on the current e-commerce trends and see what the next chapter has in store for us," explains Renoir Benyamen, owner at Whiskey Caviar. "We've built an exceptional team over the years, between our back-office staff, long-tenured store managers, suppliers, and of course our faithful customers. They are our greatest asset. And now they will become all part of our Whiskey Caviar online legacy."

After years of lagging behind other countries in adopting online liquor sales, the U.S. is now expected to overtake China as the largest alcohol e-commerce market in the world by the end of 2021, according to analyst IWSR. 

"On the heels of COVID, everyone is excited to host a social gathering, or an intimate party even if it's a small one. Having home gatherings with spirits purchased online says, we want to get together, but we also want to be responsible about it." remarks Benyamen. "I feel our business has excelled several years forward because of a few months last year."

Whiskey Caviar plans to grow exponentially through its online presence and store that offers national delivery. They are anticipating that consumer behavior has been permanently reshaped by the pandemic. They will continue to leverage digital marketing efforts to capture as much market share as possible and lean in on the buying habits that consumers have become accustomed to.


About Whiskey Caviar
Whiskey Caviar is located in beautiful coastal San Diego, where we stock the most diverse spirits, beer, wine and essentials from all over the world. We trade, we research, and then offer our customers the most unique and up-to-date products the world has to offer. 

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