Tradebloc Inc. Unveils Advancement in Intelligent Identity Theft Protection

New product empowers consumers with protection from cybercrimes

Tradebloc, the leader in identity protection, today announced a new release for consumers - a powerful digital fraud protection system, IdentityIQ. With its custom design capabilities, IdentityIQ crafts protection to a consumer's specific needs. Its feature of credit reporting and score delivery also sends out immediate notifications if there are any suspicious changes in a credit report so that quick action can be taken. As consumers continue to shift their financial and retail habits to digital, regular credit checks sent by intelligent monitoring is a must. If any fraudulent activities like a change of personal information, new public records, new loans, etc. takes place, this AI-driven approach is the answer to up-to-the-minute identity protection

The global pandemic has demonstrated the critical need for credit, identity and cybersecurity protection. New monitoring technology watches for activity on the dark web by scanning it to ensure identity theft does not take place. The best identity theft protection also monitors national criminal records and international most-wanted lists, so that a cybercriminal cannot falsely use someone's identity. With active application monitoring and identity theft insurance on lost wages and stolen fund reimbursement, Tradebloc offers protection and coverage so that identity theft becomes less of a worry.

"We're thrilled to enter this next chapter," explains Tim Clark, CEO and Founder of Tradebloc. "We are confident we will be able to accelerate the growth of Tradebloc, further enhance our solutions, and provide crucial protection and peace of mind to even more Americans. I'm proud of our team for the work we've done over the decades to get us to this milestone - especially as our customers continue to rely on our critical products more and more."


About Tradebloc, Inc
Tradebloc, Inc® is recognized as a top leader in credit repair and credit- identity theft monitoring with consecutive years of triple-digit growth. Tradebloc is the nation's largest affiliate based credit repair company and holds an A+ Rating with the Better Business Beuaru, adding thousands of new clients monthly.

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