WHILL, Inc. Powers Forward With North American Expansion Post Q1

Growth fueled by visionary leaders and innovation in mobility needs

WHILL, Inc., the leader in electric mobility solutions, is proud to announce its expansion of operations in North America, a significant milestone for the company’s growth. This strategic move comes on the heels of the company exceeding its first-quarter goals, up 40 percent year over year, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and accessibility. 

In Q1 of 2024, Scootaround powered by WHILL, the company’s rental operations, saw a 13 percent growth in cruise rentals compared to the previous year and an impressive 81 percent surge compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2019. The company also enhanced its rental services in Miami, FL, and Galveston, TX, by installing walk-up terminals. This summer, it plans further expansions in Bayonne, MS, and New York City, NY.

Over the past 12 months, WHILL has welcomed exceptional and seasoned talent to its leadership team, each playing a crucial role in its growth. Their combined experience and strategic vision to revolutionize the personal mobility industry are some of the key driving factors behind the team’s success. 

“WHILL started as a small idea and grew into a global business helping people daily. I am honored to work alongside the leadership team and all the WHILL employees, who dedicate themselves to the brand and, even more importantly, to WHILL’s mission of providing personal mobility solutions that can be used comfortably whenever needed,” said Satoshi Sugie, Founder and CEO of WHILL. “Together, WHILL enables users to explore their communities and travel with independence and the freedom they deserve.” 

Several accomplished leaders have recently joined the WHILL team and made a substantial impact on the company’s growth and expansion: 

  • Tres Izzard, President of WHILL Mobility Services, enhances the company’s service offerings and customer reach in North America. 
  • Carl Crabill, SVP, WHILL Business Development, Mobility Sales, drives business development and sales strategies. 
  • Marie Onga, VP of WHILL Customer Experience Group, relocated to the U.S. from Japan and is committed to delivering exceptional service and customer support. 
  • Christine Addeo, VP of WHILL Marketing, enhances the brand’s visibility and market positioning. 
  • Shane Bogni, VP, WHILL Business Development, Mobility Services, develops strategic insights and yields new opportunities for the mobility services division. 

This year has seen significant milestones, such as the launch of the Model Ri urban scooter, now available for pre-order, and the introduction of WHILL’s autonomous mobility services at LAX and MIA’s American Airlines terminals. These accomplishments mark just the start of what looks like a transformative year for WHILL.

WHILL remains dedicated to advancing accessibility and mobility options for individuals worldwide. With an experienced, talented leadership team, the company looks forward to continued growth and success in the North American market. 


About WHILL, Inc. 

WHILL has given consumers worldwide a way to experience new ways to move and do the activities they love. Our innovative design combines state-of-the-art technology with an approachable and pleasing aesthetic, providing users with increased confidence and independence. In addition to our fleet of mobility devices, WHILL connects the world through its autonomous and on-site fleet mobility services by making public spaces like airports, hospitals, and convention centers more accessible. https://whill.inc 

Source: WHILL. Inc