What's the Difference Between a Pergola and a Gazebo? Experts Explain

Pergolas and gazebos add style and shelter to outdoor spaces, but trying to choose which one is right for a particular backyard can be tricky. Softwoods explains the differences between the two.

Across the country, many people enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. Adding a structure that provides shelter from the sun and other elements is a great way to maximise a backyard's potential, creating a space to both relax and entertain. As the leading provider of DIY outdoor timber structures such as pergolas and decking, Softwoods says customers are often confused about the difference between a pergola and a gazebo. 

According to Softwoods, the key difference between a pergola and gazebo is the roof design. The basic design of a pergola roof is traditionally a horizontal lattice of interlocking beams. Pergolas can be lined with timber or materials that emulate ceilings to provide protection from the elements. 

The design of a gazebo features a pitched roof and most often they have a finished floor that sits slightly raised from the surrounding area. Pergolas, on the other hand, usually sit on an existing deck, hard surface patio or lawn, explains Softwoods. Sometimes gazebos are also designed with inbuilt benches.

Softwoods says it is a common misconception that gazebos provide more shade and shelter than pergolas. In fact, it is the overall design that will determine the level of protection from the elements either structure will provide. 

Another critical difference between the two designs is that gazebos are stand-alone structures, whereas pergolas can be attached to an exterior wall of a house to extend the space outdoors. A fascia bracket is fixed within the home and the main roof structure extends out from it. Gable pergolas can mirror the roofline of your house and blend into its architectural style. 

Providing all the materials and advice homeowners need for a DIY project, Softwoods offers two primary types of pergola structures: gable roof pergolas and flat/skillion pergolas. These styles create a private and protected outdoor environment and allow homeowners to get creative with the shape and materials used.

To find out more about DIY pergola kits or to enquire about their bespoke design and build service, contact Softwoods today. For more information, call us now (08) 8346 1499.

Source: Softwoods


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