What Will [Any State's] New Cannabis Program Look Like? GrowFlow Weighs In

GrowFlow is a Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Inventory Tracking Software Available for All License Types

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GrowFlow has emerged as the most recommended software in many states including Washington, California and Oklahoma. GrowFlow first saw success in Washington state and began branching into new markets two years ago. The cannabis industry evolves rapidly and GrowFlow has seen an evolution in the way that each state handles cannabis.

As states jump in on the opportunity that the cannabis industry presents, legislation and the evolution of a market blossoms within each microcosm. Many licensees, investors, and consumers want to understand what legal cannabis will look like in their state. "There are several trends that we see, and each state ends up going towards a best practice that matches in many ways with other state programs. However, even subtle differences such as license types and the activities that are allowed on type vary some from state to state, which can dramatically affect the workflow on a platform like GrowFlow," founder and Chief Innovator Rufus Casey states. "We are methodical and listen both on the state compliance level as well as understanding how our customers are interpreting rules and incorporating them into their workflows."

Within each state, there are some differences. For example, in some states, flower is sold "deli-style," meaning that a budtender prepares the order within the store location - sometimes even rolling joints out in the open. However, in Washington, a state that manages its program through the LCB (Liquor and Cannabis Board, previously called the Liquor Control Board), there are many rules that emulate the regulations related to alcohol. In relation to how cannabis flower is prepared in the retail store, there are to be no open containers - an offense that could have serious consequences for a license holder.

Compliance software keeps its finger on the culture pulse of the cannabis industry and works to meet the business needs and wants of licensees in each state system, as well as maintains the credentials with the state and follows closely to regulation changes and API calls to feed required data points to the state tracking system. GrowFlow responds to compliance and regulatory nuances and had a front row seat to how each state evolves its cannabis program and is available for every license type.

Carly Bodmer​
Director of Sales & Communications
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Source: GrowFlow Corp