What to look for in an online therapist


Many people find themselves in need of therapy at some point in their lives, but it can be challenging to carve out time from the workday to visit a therapist's office. However, patients may find that an online therapist offers the convenience they need to get help. Here's what to look for in an online therapist. For more information, Everyday Health has reviewed the best online therapist firms for 2021.

Decide what kind of therapy

One of the best things about online therapy is that it gives patients options when it comes to service delivery. Many people want text-only therapy, which studies have shown can be just as effective as talk therapy. Some online therapists offer packages with only text therapy, while others offer video or phone sessions.

Before choosing an online therapist, patients should decide how they want to receive services. Phone or video therapy is a must-have for some, while others prefer therapy via text. It depends on how they think they can find the most healing.

Decide what you want from an online therapist

Patients need to decide what they need from an online therapist. There must be a reason they are seeking out therapy, so they probably already know what they want to work on. They should make a list of any other things they want to work on beyond the one thing that caused them to seek out therapy.

Then do some reading about the different types of therapy and look for an online therapist who offers that kind of therapy. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy brings certain behaviors or negative thought patterns to the front of the mind so that the patient can think more clearly and correct any wrong ways of thinking.

Interpersonal therapy is great for those experiencing depression because it focuses on interpersonal relationships and the role they play in depression. Psychodynamic therapy studies unconscious behaviors and provides free association with the therapist as the guide.

Paying for services

Another important factor is the way patients want to pay for services. Some companies accept insurance, while others do not. Some health insurance plans cover services from one firm but not another, while others do not cover therapy at all. Patients should investigate their possibilities for using their insurance to pay but be prepared to cover the cost themselves.

For those who have to pay out of their own pocket, the cost is an even bigger factor. They may want to look into how much various online therapists cost before signing up with one.

Characteristics of an online therapist

Patients may want to consider factors like the therapist's gender and location when choosing one. Many patients want a therapist they have something in common with or prefer working with one gender over the other.

Looking for an online therapist may seem like a difficult task, but it becomes much easier for patients who know what to consider.

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