What Settings Are Bluestone Tiles Suitable For? Edwards Slate & Stone Has the Answers

Love the look of bluestone pavers and want to know how to best utilise them in a project? Here's some top advice from the experts in the bluestone tiling industry, Edwards Slate & Stone.

Bluestone Pavers

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in interest in bluestone tiles Melbourne-wide. Not only do they provide the perfect finishing touch to an outdoor setting, but they're suitable for a wide range of projects. Melbourne is famous for its use of beautiful bluestone throughout the city, found both on buildings and as a paving stone. Melbourne natural stone suppliers Edwards Slate & Stone, experts in bluestone pavers, shares its insight into the best settings for bluestone.

Swimming pools are a great place to start when incorporating bluestone into an outdoor setting. Being a durable and slip-resistant material, it is absolutely ideal for outdoor usage of all kinds. Bluestone absorbs the sun, which means it won't produce any glare when the sun is shining, as opposed to lighter-coloured stone that reflects the sun and results in a bothersome glare. However, it must be taken into consideration that the absorptive properties and darker hues of bluestone pavers often mean that, on hot days, the tiles will retain the heat. Edwards Slate & Stone warns that this is particularly a concern if there will be children running around.

Driveways are another fantastic setting for bluestone pavers. They look polished and sophisticated and are guaranteed to add a stunning touch to the facade of any house. On top of providing a beautiful aesthetic, bluestone pavers are extremely long-lasting and can withstand high levels of wear and tear. They are an attractive option for driveways because of their incredibly long lifespan. As a bonus, they are also easy to clean and hide dirt well.

Bluestone works spectacularly for multitudes of types of construction, making it a favourite within the construction industry, says Edwards Slate & Stone. The material is suitable for a variety of projects, both as a dimensional stone and as a paving stone. It can be cut into blocks for creating walls, window sills or road curbing and can be cut and finished in almost every way possible. Common finishes such as honed finishes, pick finishes, and sawn finishes can be spotted throughout the city of Melbourne on building walls and paving.

To find out more about different uses for bluestone and which projects it's suitable for, contact the experts. Edwards Slate & Stone has nearly 100 years of experience installing bluestone pavers Melbourne-wide.

Source: Edwards Slate & Stone


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