What is the Best Type of Stone to Use for Crazy Paving?

Find out the best types of stone to use for crazy paving - Melbourne-based paving experts Edwards Slate and Stone share their expertise.

Crazy paving is rising in popularity around Australia as homeowners look to upgrade their alfresco entertaining areas, gardens and other outdoor spaces. According to Edwards Slate and Stone, experts in bluestone tiles Melbourne-wide, there is a wide range of different stones that are suitable for crazy paving and they reveal which stones are best suited for different outdoor areas.

One of the best types of natural stone to use for crazy paving, says Edwards Slate and Stone, are bluestone pavers. Melbourne is well-known for its use of bluestone throughout the city on footpaths, curbs, iconic buildings and more. But according to the paving professionals, bluestone is also popular in residential landscaping and renovation projects. This type of stone is a dark grey or grey-blue hue due to its makeup of a combination of sand and other natural elements. Bluestone is well-suited for crazy paving, especially around pool areas or other spaces with high foot traffic as it has an anti-slip quality and doesn't create sun glare. Bluestone is typically the most popular choice for outdoor crazy paving because it is not only beautiful but also incredibly practical.

Slate is another great choice for crazy paving, Edwards Slate and Stone reveals. Available in a variety of different colours and patterns, renovators can choose just one colour to suit their space or pick out a few different hues to create a more interesting crazy paving look. This type of stone is known for its durability and longevity, meaning it will stand the test of time through foot traffic, heavy furniture and changing weather conditions. Depending on the colours and patterns chosen, slate can make a space feel retro, modern, sleek - its adaptability to different styles makes it an attractive choice for many homeowners.

Edwards Slate and Stone have a range of high-quality bluestone pavers and slate tiles available at their Mount Waverley location - visit the showroom or contact Edwards Slate and Stone today to learn more about their tiles.


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