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The original 4 piece car seat cover is all the rage with polished moms who want their infant protected.

New for Spring 2017

KD Combo LLC, a rising brand in lifestyle baby goods, will release their 10 piece Leisure Collection Friday, April 14. The company attributes its recent success to the debut of their Tailored Fit infant car seat cover.  The Leisure Collection is named for its comfortable, stretchy, breathable knits. Each fitted cover will be featured in various prints. 

Current trends have seen a rise in popularity of the fitted style cover.  The Tailored Fit cover was designed to freshen up the look. Danny Robbins, KD Combo owner, describes the thought behind the collection, “We’ve clearly seen a specific demand for our Tailored Fit covers from our Insiders and the market in general. For this release, we’ve given attention to that feedback and created an improved, appealing, and superior alternative to what is on the market.” 

KD Combo can be distinguished by our 4-piece car seat cover design. Which allows us to introduce the baseball T style in our upcoming Leisure Collection by mixing patterns.

Danny & Kyrsten Robbins, Owners

KD Combo can be distinguished by its 4-piece design which allows them to introduce the baseball T style. This unique design provides a cleaner fit while distributing tension across additional seams, helping to broaden the “one size fits most” portfolio of infant car seats.  While designing these Tailored Fit covers, Kyrsten Robbins, co-owner, explains, “To create the perfect silhouette we paid extra close attention to detail so our covers won’t touch the ground on a wet day or at the doctor’s office.  Also, the length will cover even a long torso if you’re using it as a multi-functional nursing cover.”

To further expand the appeal, exclusive gender neutral textiles have been added for new moms expecting baby boys. “We understand there’s a lack of designer boy accessories on the market. These prints are harder to find in quality fabrics, but we think we nailed it in the Leisure Collection,” added Kyrsten Robbins.


KD Combo is an emerging baby lifestyle brand that creates designer infant car seat covers for the polished mom. KD Combo offers a $10 off coupon code for customers who sign up for the KD Combo Insider, where they receive exclusive deals and are first to know of new products. (eepurl.com/b7zecL)  KD Combo is a husband and wife duo. Kyrsten’s love of textiles comes from her degree in Interior Design and Danny’s MBA propels their entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking. 

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Danny & Kyrsten Robbins



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