WG Security Products, Inc Signs Agreement With Fallas to Provide a Hard Tag Recycle Solution, (RST)

Helping retailers to reduce in-store labor costs

WG Security Products, Inc (www.wgspi.com), a leading global provider of retail security solutions sold through WG and authorized business partners worldwide, today announced it has signed a long-term contract with Fallas to provide a Hard Tag Recycle solution, (RST).  

WG’s unique approach: Source tagging has emerged as one of the most cost-effective mechanisms for EAS tagging and is quickly catching on in the retail world. The elimination of in-store tagging labor costs and the expediency of merchandise being delivered to the floor carry obvious benefits to even most shrewd money people. Maintaining a uniform tagging policy at the point of manufacture also generates a smoother aesthetic on the store floor, leading to a better customer relations experience. Being the first in the market to offer a full source tag recirculation program offers an environmentally responsible initiative retailers can easily integrate into existing sustainability programs. Because of the cyclical nature of the tag use, retailers do not need to spend capital on the purchase of hard tags, but tags are leased from WG to be used for a pre-determined amount of time.  Retailers no longer have to maintain a stockpile of tags or find a way to dispose of their tags once they have been used.  Less waste and more green!

According to Chris Nichols, Executive Vice President of Operations Fallas, “With the challenges in labor costs, operating margins and inventory accuracy, retailers like ours require solutions that serve our customers better and more effectively. Recycled EAS Hard Tags deployments decrease costs and improve operational performance.”

With over 20 years of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) excellence in the retail space, WG is a global leader in hard tag source tagging, providing worldwide protection across a wide range of theft-prone retailer product categories including: apparel, building supplies, computer products, grocery and health and beauty care. Our program benefits retailers due to tags being applied at the source include reduced in-store labor costs, enhanced customer focus, standardized tag compliance to improve merchandising, product to the selling floor, and improved sales.

“Our US and International presence and source tagging infrastructure enables WG to deliver cost effective and robust merchandise protection,” said Graham Handyside, Executive Vice President of Global Operations WG Security Products, Inc. “More importantly, we are helping our customers to minimize shrink, improve sales and reduce in store labor costs.”

About WG Security Products, Inc. WG security Products, Inc is a leading global provider of security solutions, deployed throughout the world to top retailers. Customers range from single-store boutiques to international retail brands. Operating in more than 50 countries globally, WGSPI provides retailers with real-time visibility via our cloud based system.

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