WG Security Products, Inc. Announces Release of New and Improved Patented 4-Alarm Pebble Tag

Wave 4 Alarm IR Pebble Tag

Pebble Tag

WG Security Products, Inc. (www.wgspi.com), a leading global provider of retail security solutions sold direct and through authorized business partners worldwide, today announced its release of the new and improved patented 4-alarm Pebble Tag. 

WG’s unique approach: Wave is our exclusive patented series of 4-Alarm hard tags and detachers. WG is the only company in the industry to break the glass ceiling of three alarms and venture into 4-alarm territory. By using infrared (IR) technology, we have successfully added an undefeatable layer of security to these tags.

The Wave family of tags are not limited to clothing. Coming in all shapes and sizes and designs, Wave tags can also be applied to accessories, outerwear, hardware, and sporting goods. Essentially any retail product can be secured with Wave. Composed of polycarbonate the outer shell of each tag houses complex circuitry and ferrite technology. Wave is without a doubt the most advanced smart hard tag on the market today. Wave tags function with any 58kHz AM or 8.2Mhz EAS systems, with four distinct alarm settings to guard against even the most advanced shoplifters.

The Wave IR Detacher includes smart electronics surrounding the magnet and a coded IR signal that disarms the Wave tag upon detachment. Now the tag can be removed without self-alarming. Any attempt to use a non-Wave magnetic detacher to detach the Wave tag results in the tag self-alarming. The Wave Detacher can also detach most any EAS hard tag, so no need to purchase separate detachers if you have a mix of Wave and non-Wave tags in your store. It is available in a desktop version, flushmount version, and  Multi Detacher version.

According to Chad Macintosh, Vice President of Asset Protection and Risk Management, Bloomingdales. "Bloomingdale's has been repeatedly challenged with high shortage results year over year with some of our most iconic merchandise. Standard approaches weren't having the impact we were looking for and shortage continued to rise. We turned to WG's Wave technology to change the performance results. We have had dramatic improvement in the categories of merchandise protected with the Wave tag. So much so we have expanded the program to additional stores and merchandise categories.”

With over 20 years of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) excellence in the retail space, WG is a global leader in anti-theft equipment and shrink control “Our US and International presence enables WG to deliver cost effective and robust merchandise protection,” said Graham Handyside, Executive Vice President of Global Operations WG Security Products, Inc. “More importantly, we are helping our customers to minimize shrink, improve sales and reduce in-store labor costs.”

About WG Security Products, Inc. WG security Products, Inc is a leading global provider of security solutions, deployed throughout the world to top retailers. Customers range from single-store boutiques to international retail brands. Operating in more than 50 countries globally, WGSPI provides retailers with real-time visibility via our cloud based system.

Wave 4-Alarm Tags

Contact: Graham Handyside
WG Security Products
+1 (408) 241 8000

Source: WG Security Products, Inc.

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WG Security Products Inc, Reducing Shrink, Reducing in-store labor and preventing Organized Retail Crime

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