Westfall's New Open Channel Static Mixer 5000 Resists Fouling and Ragging

Patented Anti-Fouling Vanes help this next generation static mixer deliver high performance mixing in open channels regardless of weather or floating debris.

Westfall's Open Channel Static Mixer 5000

Open channels, from ditches to aquaducts, come in a variety of shapes and sizes: tall and narrow, wide and flat, or a mix of shapes.

They are also subject to sudden turbulent rates of flow and fouling from unexpected debris, fibers and other detritus.

Honey-comb mixers may test well in the labs but they are not designed to prevent fouling and ragging in the field.

Westfall's next generation Open Channel Static Mixer 5000 is designed to safely mix additives, from disinfectants to nitrate-clearing bacteria, with flowing water. 

The mixer prevents fouling and ragging in channels up to 20 feet wide and 20 feet deep.

This easily installed static mixer features Westfall's patented, revolutionary, anti-fouling vane design.

Fibrous materials are lifted up and over the vanes or pushed aside by passing water flow.

Because the Open Channel Static Mixer is bolted to the bottom of sides of the channel, installation is quick and easy.

Because the high performance vane design mixes so effectively, both chemical usage and headloss are reduced.

Because of Westfall's new Open Channel Static Mixer, fouling and ragging problems disappear.

All Westfall products are made to order.  WestfallStaticMixers.com

Source: Westfall Manufacturing Company


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