Wellness Influencer, Marin J. Gordon, Launches Webinar Promoting Comfort & Natural Birthing

Grateful Gordons

Wellness influencer and YouTube Personality, Marin J. Gordon, is going to launch her first Webinar that will focus on educating people about the comfort and benefits of having a natural birth.  Marin’s ability to share insight on natural birthing comes from first-hand experience after she rose to digital fame through her YouTube videos, “A Commentary on Birth of Love” and “Peaceful, Painless Birth of Elovie Commentary”.  Combined, the videos have garnered an approximate 82 million views over the past five years.  Marin has since managed to retain a collective 100K+ following across all of her social media platforms.

Since accruing such a following, Marin’s goal with her content has always been to motivate and inspire.  With her birthing videos being her most engaged posts, she felt it necessary to create a webinar for viewers that genuinely want to learn more about natural births through her own personal experience.  She adds, “I think it is so important for me to share these experiences with my audience because they genuinely want to know more.  There are so many women that have reached out to me about tips and insight on giving natural birth that I felt compelled more than ever to create a space for these women to learn from my experience.

Marin’s Webinar will be a free 45-minute session to start, where she will point out the best preparation techniques and tips of natural birth in a step-by-step format.  She will touch on her most requested topics from a poll and survey she will conduct through her social media channels.  The free webinar will be an introduction to an ongoing course that Marin will structure as an in-depth explanation to each of the points she discusses in the first session.  

The webinar will launch on January 15th, 2017.  Signups are now available on Marin’s business website, www.gratefulgordons.com .

About Marin J. Gordon

Marin J. Gordon inspires through artistic media production, serving as the image of empowerment through physical and mental well-being.  Her personal story, rising from trauma to success, brings realism and connectivity to her followers and business alike.

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