Dr. Su's Revolutionary Arm Liposuction Gives Women the Desired Celebrity Arm Look

Celebrity Arms Lipo

​​​​​​In the world of women’s beauty today, there is no doubt that the arms are a major focus of attention. From social media to “best of” lists, the sexy look of  celebrities’ slim, toned and contoured arms are highly sought after and seen as a “must have” accessory. However, getting this desired look can be a fruitless struggle for most women and impossible for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. But that’s all changed with “Celebrity Arms Lipo” a revolutionary new procedure from ArtLipo Plastic Surgery that enables women to achieve the look of celebrity arms.

Pioneered by Dr. Thomas Su, the “Celebrity Arms Lipo” procedure is an awake liposuction with a twist. To achieve a slim and beautiful arm contour, Dr. Su’s procedure has to remove up to 300 percent more fat than regular arm liposuction with a much higher degree of precision and accuracy. Instead of removing fat from the underarm area only, which is where all plastic surgeons are taught to stay, Dr. Su removes fat all the way around the arm in a 360 degree and over the shoulder method, which has always been impossible for surgeons to do, using traditional lipo methods. The additional areas of the arm that a large portion of the fat exists, makes the arms and upper torso look bulky and hides the desired muscle contours.

Given that traditional arm lipo doesn’t address the right areas or remove fat completely in the way that is needed to achieve desired celebrity arms, it was necessary to come up with a new technique to overcome the difficulties of doing what appeared to be an impossible feat.

The invention and success of Dr. Su’s new procedure can be attributed to a surprising and unique combination of medicine, artistic ability, and a boot camp-like workout that happens on the surgery table. While most lipo is done with a patient asleep under general anesthesia, Dr. Su uses the alternative of awake tumescent lipo, which has been time-tested and safer than general anesthesia. However, Dr. Su carries out his procedure with patients totally awake, not semi-sedated as most others do it, to allow his patients to do isometric contractions of their arm muscles in multiple positions throughout the procedure, a technique he pioneered and named “Interactive Lipo.”

The boot camp-like workout gives Dr. Su the best feel of the muscle shape below the fat and the best control of fat while removing it. This advanced control and feel elevates the procedure from suctioning and slimming, to the realm of artistic “sculpting.” There is a big difference between making the arms a little smaller, compared to intricately sculpting the arms to show the beautiful shape and contours of the muscles. Dr. Su will show patients their new "Celebrity Arms" in front of a mirror immediately after the procedure.

Dr. Thomas Su is an artist and master of liposuction who owns and operates ArtLipo Plastic Surgery. He has over 15 years of cosmetic surgery experience and has been exclusively practicing and specializing in awake liposuction for most of that time. With over 20,000 liposuction cases completed, he is one of the most experienced liposuction doctors in the world. He is also one of the most artistically advanced lipo surgeons, with a focus on ultra complete and high definition lipo for all body areas.

Dr. Su’s artistic skills, from his degree in Fine Arts with a focus on the human figure, has set him apart as an innovator who has achieved what less than 1 in 1000 plastic surgeons have. Dr. Su has lectured on his Celebrity Arms procedure, Ultra-complete Abdomen lipo and his Interactive Lipo at multiple national conferences and has published the book Celebrity Arms in a Day.​

ArtLipo Plastic Surgery specializes in the most advanced lipo procedures, most of which are not available or easily accessible in other parts of the US. The clinic boasts two full-time board-certified plastic surgeons who, besides performing advanced liposuction, provide a full range of other plastic surgery procedures. ArtLipo is uniquely poised to accommodate fly-in patients as a majority of its clientèle come from all over the US and countries around the world.

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Source: ArtLipo Plastic Surgery

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