Weedmayhem Brings Full Online Transactions and a Worldwide Marketplace to the Legal Cannabis Industry on May 1, 2019

The Cannabis Industry Is Growing Up: The first and largest multi-vendor online marketplace and transactional platform for the legal cannabis industry - bringing together buyers, merchants, and advertisers worldwide.

​​​​​​​​Weedmayhem will launch on May 1, 2019. Buyers will be able to shop cannabis and cannabis-related products directly from merchants in real-time on a safe and compliant ‘Amazon-like’ marketplace.

The team behind Weedmayhem spent the last four years building the online marketplace platform for the U.S. legal cannabis industry. In areas where cannabis is legal (recreationally or medicinally), verified buyers will be able to order cannabis products containing THC on-demand and the order will be fulfilled by a local verified seller. Additionally, users from anywhere in the world will be able to join the platform to buy and/or sell thousands of different types of non-THC cannabis-related products which can be shipped internationally. Advertising and affiliate partnerships will also be available, along with features to help merchants manage and optimize their online cannabis-related businesses.

Although cannabis is still illegal according to U.S. federal law, 10 states have legalized cannabis for recreational use and 22 for medical use. Further, each city and county can create regulations for cultivation, distribution, and sale. As more areas have allowed people to buy, sell, and consume cannabis, the market demand for an online transactional system has grown. The industry needs a legally-compliant solution so users can shop online with confidence and ease.

Michael Mizrachi, Founder of Weedmayhem, says, “Websites have cropped up in recent years to serve the budding cannabis industry but have fallen short in terms of features, technology, service area, and, most importantly, legal compliance. The turbulent regulatory aspect makes it difficult to ensure that transactions involving THC are legal. Further, cannabis cannot be shipped in the mail which requires a creative solution.”

Weedmayhem utilizes proprietary algorithmic functionalities and smart tech geo-coded technology to identify the location of users in real-time, cross-check the laws in their respective areas, and determine what they can buy and/or sell. If a user’s local jurisdiction does not allow THC sales, the system removes THC products from their options so they don’t have to worry about it. Beyond product segregation, sellers must meet the licensing, labeling, and inventory requirements for their area while all buyers undergo an age and identity verification process.

The entire Weedmayhem platform is designed to work with the laws as they evolve, providing citizens with safe, up-to-the-minute, online access to the cannabis products they want 24/7. It is the first platform to allow live credit card transactions for products that do not contain THC alongside the display of marijuana products, the first cannabis website approved to process transactions on the App Store with Apple and Google, the first transactional system to be compliant while handling sales across state lines using the geocoded smart technology, and the first cannabis platform to offer international products that do not contain THC alongside domestic products that do. Weedmayhem.com will be live for the public on May 1, 2019.

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The first and largest multi-vendor online marketplace and transactional platform for the legal cannabis industry - bringing together buyers, merchants, and advertisers worldwide.

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