Wecount Introduces the World's First AI-Powered Portable Home Gym

Wecount, an innovative company focused on the design and manufacture of smart fitness equipment, just launched a revolutionary AI-powered smart home gym with advanced features such as variable resistance bands, smart app integration and free fitness courses, Wecount lets users work out at home or on the go easier than ever. Wecount is available now via Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1743567800/wecount-the-best-wfh-era-home-workout-device.

Getting to the gym is one of the biggest impediments to working out and getting fit at home has many limitations due to lack of equipment. The fitness experts at Wecount have addressed both these issues with their latest project - the Wecount AI-powered portable home gym. This compact, cost-effective system uses variable rate resistance bands along with AI-guided exercise courses to help users build muscle, burn fat, improve cardio and transform their bodies at home, at the office or on the go. With Wecount, users can complete workouts with less time without the need to travel to the gym.

"At Wecount, we believe that healthy lifestyles lead to better more fulfilled lives. But in today's busy world, people find it hard to find time for the gym. That's why we created the Wecount AI-powered home gym. It uses the latest fitness technology along with a companion app and free guided exercise courses to maximize workout efficiency. Our compact, portable gym sets up in one minute so that users can complete their exercise quickly and conveniently. It saves time, eliminates costly gym fees and works with your busy schedule. The Wecount total gym solution helps you get fit fast, anytime and anywhere,"  said Alex Yu, founder of Wecount.

Wecount sets up in seconds and simulates the professional equipment found in gyms, such as the rowing machine, barbells, stationary bicycle and more. It allows users to complete full-body workouts using over 100 different exercises. Workouts can be easily customized with adjustable resistance bands to provide the perfect amount of resistance for any fitness level. Using the companion app, users can select from many exercise courses to target six major muscle groups including hips, chest, back, legs and full-body workouts. The app keeps training logs, analyzes workout data to maximize results, and tracks progress over time, helping to keep users motivated.

Wecount is convenient and compact, it stores flat and fits in a closet or under a bed and is lightweight enough to take anywhere, perfect for workouts at the office or while traveling. The system uses a series of high-quality resistance bands that can be adjusted to provide the optimal resistance over a wide range for any exercise. This simple yet effective system is the perfect way to get fit fast.

The Wecount AI-Powered Portable Home Gym is currently being launched via a Kickstarter campaign with rewards for early adopters with special deals and pricing. Learn more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1743567800/wecount-the-best-wfh-era-home-workout-device

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Source: Wecount