WEBCON Accepting New Partners Under North America Channel Partner Program

The program, launched in November 2021, provides IT system integrators in the U.S. with a best-in-class low-code development platform for servicing their enterprise customers

WEBCON Accepting New Partners

WEBCON's North America Channel Partner Program is growing, and applications are currently being accepted to join the network and meet the rising demand for low-code programming solutions. IT system integrators who sign up for the North America Channel Partner Program will have access to WEBCON's innovative WEBCON BPS low-code platform, which helps organizations digitize, manage and automate their internal and external business processes. 

As one of the world's leading low-code platform providers, WEBCON offers its network partners a unique opportunity to expand their services and provide enterprise clients with essential growth-driven solutions. The North America Channel Partner Program was launched at a time when industry demand for comprehensive low-code solutions for building business applications and workflows was at an all-time high. This scenario continues to persist today, with current predictions by Gartner stating that low-code application development is expected to be responsible for more than 70% of all application development activity by 2025.

WEBCON has extensive experience servicing organizations with the low-code WEBCON BPS platform, working closely with industry-leading enterprise clients that include Pratt & Whitney, Siemens Finance, Mitsubishi Electric, and Diners Club. By joining the North American Channel Partner Program, U.S.-based IT system integrators will have a unique ability to address their client's needs with fully integrative low-code solutions that will assist organizations in meeting BPM requirements and improving operational productivity.

The WEBCON Channel Partner network was first established in 2010, with the focus shifting to the U.S. in 2021. Previous partners have used WEBCON BPS to boost internal revenue while helping their clients reach their most ambitious internal and external process goals.

Interested readers are encouraged to visit WEBCON's website for additional information on the North America Channel Partner Program. Or visit Become Our Partner to sign up and start putting WEBCON BPS to use.

There has never been a better time to tap into growth in the low-code development market. Apply today for WEBCON's North America Channel Partner Program and put decades of progress to work for the optimization of organizations everywhere.


WEBCON helps organizations all over the globe simplify and optimize their internal processes with WEBON BPS, an enterprise-grade low-code application development platform. WEBCON BPS is designed to help businesses rapidly construct new applications and workflows, all without the need for dedicated technical staff. WEBCON is a proud leader in the low-code application platform space and currently serves more than 650 clients in 30 different countries.

For more information, please visit www.webcon.com.

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