WebActivation 2.0 for Windows IIS Web Servers

WebActivation can activate, release and restore protected software licenses from a vendor website running Windows IIS. Enhancements include ASP or PHP web pages, license suspend and automated subscriptions, shopping cart integration and a 32-bit or

Excel Software has enhanced the WebActivation system used to activate and manage licenses for software products. WebActivation is a self-hosted license server that runs on a Windows IIS based website. The license server can activate protected applications or documents created with QuickLicense, DocProtect or AppProtect and companion products. WebActivation 2.0 adds new License Suspend and Subscription features, shopping cart integration, supports both ASP or PHP files to present license related web pages and makes all licensing features available from a 32-bit or 64-bit DLL.

WebActivation consists of a documented design and a set of customizable components. With the default set of EXE, ASP and configuration text files, an automated activation system can be setup quickly. Alternatively, the ASP files can be replaced with the provided PHP files. WebActivation is designed to give a software company complete control and customization of the activation and licensing process.

Software vendors issue serial numbers that control how many computers can run a software license. An automated shopping cart or order process can retrieve Serial Numbers directly from the WebActivation driven website.

WebActivationRT.dll includes all of the capabilities in the WebActivation system using external functions instead of EXE files. The DLL presents a more convenient interface for some web server programming environments. The same DLL is provided in both 32-bit and 64-bit files. Several new interfaces are provided for exposed functions to simplify custom programming from any web programming language.

Users of protected applications or documents can easily activate software on a variety of platforms that include Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. A license application can be easily and securely moved between computers. WebActivation 2.0 simplifies the process of implementing a fully automated, browser-less process for license activation, release and restore without vendor involvement.

WebActivation 2.0 allow a vendor to remotely suspend a customer license for a specific serial number if needed. Software subscriptions can also be managed with a Subscriber field associated with each serial number.

A software vendor uses QuickLicense to configure various types of trial and product licenses, the activation process and any restrictions or limitations on the activated software. A license can be applied to Mac, Windows, Linux or Android application or other kinds of digital products including DLLs, plugins, libraries, spreadsheets and games.

WebActivation supports license activation for PDF, SWF, EPUB, Video, image collections and compiled HTML projects using the DocProtect tool. WebActivation also supports Mac and Windows applications protected with AppProtect.

Any number of protected products, documents or licenses can be distributed, royalty-free. An activated license does not require an Internet connection and the activation process itself can be done without Internet access on the customer computer.

WebActivation 2.0 is $2500 for one web server. It normally requires a dedicated web hosting account that allows ASP or PHP files to run executables that read, write and delete files stored on the vendor web site. Alternatively, the WebActivationRT.dll exposes the same features through external methods and can be easily demonstrated with the included SendWebActivationRT tool.

The WebActivation system includes a tool to edit data files that store serial numbers and license data. It comes with a printed and PDF User Guide with ready-to-use web pages, design diagrams for customization plus technical phone and email support. Visit the company web site to see videos that demonstrate WebActivation and QuickLicense technology.

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