Protect and Sell Documents for Use on Mac, Windows or Android

DocProtect 5 applies device specific licensing to popular documents on Mac, Windows or Android device. Protect training courses, research reports, confidential information, reference guides, price lists, customer contacts, repair manuals, demonstration videos, games and eBooks.

Excel Software announced 5 to protect popular document types and ensure that only licensed users on a Mac, Windows or Android device can view the content.  Protect computer training courses, research reports, confidential information, reference guides, price lists, customer contacts, repair manuals, demonstration videos, games and .

5 can generate an Android application from EPUB, PDF, Video or HTML files.  It outputs a source folder of Java files that can be compiled into an Android application using Android Studio with no programming required.  Other enhancements include support for larger documents, improved video playback controls, more flexible PDF support and features to organize, clone or batch build up to 200 protected documents with one command.

converts a document into a protected application.  Version 5 adds the ability to generate a 32 or 64 bit Mac or Windows application.  A 64-Bit supports larger videos and bigger HTML based applications.  

PDF documents delivered as a protected Mac or Windows application use Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader DC to present documents but restrict the ability to share or print unprotected documents.  Alternatively, PDF files can be stored on the web and securely presented from a Mac, Linux or Android application without requiring Acrobat Reader.  This option supports a custom index to a scrolling list of PDF files.

A collection of HTML files, scripts, CSS and images can be compiled into an application file with a custom icon.  When running on the customer computer, the application browser window has back and forward buttons to allow link navigation to pages embedded within the application or external pages stored on the Internet.  Source files and are hidden from the user.  Version 5 adds features to support larger projects and reduce launch time. 

Video playback uses technology, but restricts video sharing to licensed devices.  Alternatively, protected WMV files use Media Player on Windows presented within a controller that allows quick or fine tune navigation to position the video.  Audio books can also be output to an MP4 file, then protected with .  

In addition to delivering a document as a protected application, works with the player.  The player is a free download for Mac, Windows, Linux or Android and simplifies the delivery process of protected content.  It supports many document types including EPUB formatted , , Videos, SWF or HTML content for or use.

EPUB is an standard designed for content.  EPUB has received widespread adoption by publishers and software developers that make readers for various computers and devices.   generates a Mac, Windows, Linux or Android application that embeds its own EPUB reader so no additional software is required by the user.  The player also contains the EPUB reader.

generated applications can require a computer unique password, USB dongle or a fully automated activation process with Serial Numbers.  To enable activation, can be used with a vendor account on the Safe Activation Service or with or Desktop License Server running on a company website.  

A document author can use to generate USB dongles from ordinary USB drives.  The application can be stored on the computer drive or on the dongle itself and only runs when the dongle is present.

works independently or together with the protection and licensing system.  Use to apply a time-limited Trial license, Product license, Try/Buy license or offer protected documents as a Subscription or Floating license.  With a Group license, when one protected application in the group is activated, all are activated for that computer.  A Group license can be applied to any document type.

is $495 for a Single User License on either Windows or Mac OS X (10.7 or later) or $795 for both platforms.   running on either Mac or Windows can generate Android applications.   includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for unlimited documents or licenses.  Visit the company web site for demonstration videos and detailed information. 

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