Web Development Company Discusses Strategies For Developing A Faster WordPress Site

Online tech forums represent a race track filled with websites from all around the world, revving with the sound of developers looking to burn out their competitors as soon as the lights go green.

"It's not a race. Well, actually it is kind of one...," began one senior WordPress developer when quizzed about the challenges facing the present development industry. He was talking at a press conference of Php Programmers, a reputed web development company and service wing of GetAProgrammer Australia. "When you have a website that loads fast it leads to longer dwell time and fewer drop-offs, especially for those accessing it on their mobile devices. This translates to greater number of conversions," he explained.

Php Programmers mentioned a number of strategies to help improve website performance that would leave all competitors floundering the dust.

Small number of CSS sprites

 CSS sprites are PNG files containing a large number of small icons and images. They are also referenced by CSS code that tells the website which images need to be displayed. This allows the website to load faster as the number of HTTP requests get reduced.

The best sprites are usually available in small packages. Browsers and mobile devices place a limit on the number of decoded pixels that can be displayed. So if there are too many pixels in the sprite, the image won't load. One way of getting around this is to create multiple sprites.

Smaller size of source code

 When it comes to writing source code, smaller is better. By removing unnecessary amount of JavaScript and CSS it is possible to reduce the time it takes for a website to be processed without bringing about any change in functionality. A number of WordPress plugins and tools are available for use in this regard.

However, developers need to be careful while using these plugins as they often alter entire sections of code. It is best to have a copy of the code kept away safe before beginning work on the development project.

Use GZip for shaping things up

 A software application that is used for purposes of file compression and decompression, GZip packs up the WordPress site into neat bundles, and delivers it safely to the other end before unpacking it on the visitors's browser. With the packing/unpacking function taking place together the process gets over in much less time.

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