Reputed IT Services Company Discusses The Features Of Upcoming PHP 7 Version

Php is easily one of the best open-source server-side scripting languages available in the market for all forms of website and web application design and development purposes.

After many months of deliberation, we are finally on the verge of seeing the new version of Php entering the international market of website design and development. With the voting on its name having ended recently, Php developers Sydney will be addressing their new companion as PHP 7, the next major release following PHP 5.x.

Php is an ever-evolving programming language. While there have been numerous minor releases to do away with the bugs and other small changes in the program code, major releases are what the developer community and enthusiasts eagerly await. With PHP 7, they once again have reason to be cheerful as this major release is expected to bring with it significant modifications and upgrades on the existing version. This new version of this scripting language is likely to be available for the developers sometime in early 2015.

Some of the integral features of this latest release from PHP are detailed as follows:

ü  Highly improved performance: Ever since the HHVM upgrade from Facebook, Zend (the engine that powers PHP) have been looking to match that work with an upgrade of their own. With the release of PHP 7 and its improved functionalities, this objective is now fulfilled.

ü  Implementation of JIT engine: A JIT engine is capable of dynamic compilation of Zend opcodes into native machine code to allow faster processing, thus in turn improving the performance of the Php 7 code in general.

ü  Use of AST or Abstract Syntax Tree: AST provides a number of advantages to the developers such as a potential for greater optimizations to allow faster development on PHP. It also supports the use of numerous extensions that allow optimization of the program code.

ü  Perform asynchronous programming: With the asynchronous programming functions, the latest PHP version will allow you to perform a number of tasks simultaneously within the same request. This was unheard of in the previous versions.

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