Web Daytona Becomes a SEMrush Agency Partner

Orlando Digital Marketers Honored To Be Listed Among Top Industry Professionals

Web Daytona Becomes a SEMrush Agency Partner

Web Daytona, a leading Orlando SEO agency, was recently selected for listing as a SEMrush Agency Partner based on its longstanding history with the platform. The agency partner program is an exclusive network of leading SEO agencies chosen for their credibility and contributions to search rankings using intelligent data. And Web Daytona is honored to be a part of this prestigious list of agencies.

Web Daytona has established itself as a frontrunner in the digital marketing industry over its 15+ year lifespan. Under the leadership of CEO, Gary Vela, this boutique Florida agency has been at the helm of more than five-and-a-half million keyword rankings and over 3,000 businesses served. Obsessive over SEO, and with a hands-on approach to customer care, the Daytona web design and digital marketing company has built a reputation for high-performance ranking that gets results.

Said Vela, "We were really excited to hear the announcement of these partnerships back in June. As dedicated users of the platform and a leader in our industry, it made so much sense for us to join. This kind of profile with a platform we get so much use out of already - it fits like a glove."

As a SEMrush agency partner, Web Daytona joins 279 other agencies (and counting) currently part of this exclusive group. The listing gives credible, high-performance digital marketers and SEO professionals a profile based on their use of SEMrush's intelligent data in their day-to-day work. This isn't just a vanity listing: it's an opportunity to showcase these businesses for their inherent value to customers. To learn more about how to become a SEMrush Agency Partner, make sure to visit Web Daytona's latest blog on the topic.

"We're in good company, as an agency partner," Vela said. "We're proud to be a part of this industry, and opportunities like this are a no-brainer. We had to make it happen."

For more information, contact Gary Vela at hello@webdaytona.com

About Web Daytona

Web Daytona is a leading name in the digital marketing industry. From SEO and online marketing to web design services and social media marketing, this Orlando-based agency has cornered the market on high-performance digital services. Web Daytona provides marketing solutions to both local and national businesses, helping their clients rank with cutting edge marketing insights. They are a SEMrush Agency Partner, Forbes Agency Council Member, and an Inc verified business.

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