Local Certified Arborist, Chris Forrest Owner of SB Tree Service, Urges Homeowners to Prune Their Trees

Now is not the time to neglect trees. Local, certified arborist urges Florida residents to take advantage of the winter months to prune back their trees.

Daytona Beach Tree Removal

The winter season is upon residents in the sunshine state. Over the past month, locals in Daytona Beach, Florida, have experienced a significant drop in temperature with a chilling low of 34°F. Much of the beautiful plants that make the state so vibrant lay dormant during the winter months, only to bloom again in spring. With the promise of warmer weather in March still two months away, now is the perfect time to prune any trees and prepare for the upcoming season. 

Why prune in the winter, locals ask? Well, there are many benefits to cutting trees back now instead of during the spring. The first reason is that all trees lay dormant in the winter months because of the cold weather. No growth occurs during this time, which means that they are conserving their energy until it is time to create new growth in spring. That is why right now is a great time for maintenance without potentially harming any new growth that will occur when the weather begins to warm up. 

Removing dead, damaged, or diseased trees and branches during the winter can help keep the landscape healthy and maintained, significantly benefiting a tree's health during the growing season. A well-maintained yard is also essential for staying safe during hurricane season, affecting Florida residents yearly from June through September. 

Owner of SB Tree Service, Chris Forrest, understands how necessary winter pruning is for trees' health during the upcoming spring season. Because of this, his company SB Tree Service has been there to help residents in Brevard and Volusia county year-round. Their on-staff certified arborists will help residents determine the best pruning methods to ensure their trees' health and longevity. Visit SB Tree Service today to find out more information on the many services that they offer. 

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Source: SB Tree Service