Web Companies Helping Businesses Integrate Their Services Online Can Take Advantage of Lucrative Tax Credits

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The web and software development industry has been experiencing a dramatic increase in demand as more companies are realizing the market is shifting to online resources and services. Many companies are quickly realizing that providing online services to consumers is now becoming standard. To provide these services, however, businesses have had to rely on web development companies to write new code and create development strategies, functions which qualify them for research and development tax credits. Here at National Tax Group, we help companies who take risks and perform these activities.  

"We understand that every company's methods are different, that is why we use personalized solutions from a dedicated team of professionals who are keen on sharing their knowledge and experience," said Lee Ferry, President of National Tax Group. "If you choose to work with us, you will get a resourceful team that is fully dedicated to making sure you receive money that is owed to you."

According to a PNC Financial Services Group survey taken in 2020 based on small businesses in Pennsylvania, 79% of business owners had to make online changes to adapt in response to the pandemic and 33% implemented at-home work policies that required them to move their in-office procedures online. Because of this, many web companies are entitled to research and development tax credits that can offset any of the costs it took to develop these online websites, systems, applications or other forms of technology.

If your company has done any activities that have improved the quality, function, or reliability of a process or product, removed any uncertainty, had a systematic process, or is technological in nature, our team can help. Our team of tax experts on hand will look over all documentation and can help determine what activities will qualify you for these benefits.

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National Tax Group is a full-service group of tax professionals who provide high-quality tax solutions associated with 179D, 45L, cost segregation and research & development for businesses. Having worked in multiple areas of taxation, National Tax Group implements methodologies that are recognized by the government and have experience in complex tax incentive programs that have made them valuable partners to all of their clients. Their ability to seamlessly collaborate with every business has made them a rapidly growing firm capable of handling complex challenges.

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