Wearwell® Introduces: 24/ Seven ESD 'LockSafe' Flooring

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24/ Seven ESD LockSafe by Wearwell

Wearwell once again sets the benchmark in ESD ergonomics with the launch of the 24/ Seven ESD LockSafe Flooring.

Static Electricity produces damaging sparks that can ruin and destroy vital electronic components. Therefore, your ESD processes are contingent upon staying securely grounded. The new 24/ Seven ESD LockSafe works double-time to prevent costly and dangerous trip hazards and to ensure you have the stable static connection needed for your essential products to function as designed.

Separated ESD mats can break your system and cause workers to become ungrounded. 24/ Seven LockSafe ESD eliminates static while providing the perfect ergonomic work surface for your team to perform and feel their best. Made to cover large areas quickly while staying securely interlocked, the 24/ Seven ESD can be grounded traditionally, or placed directly atop a conductive floor- eliminating the need for untidy grounding cords.

Thanks to Wearwell’s vision and constant innovation, ESD environments no longer have to feel cold and sterile for the workers. The 24/ Seven ESD LockSafe will reduce injury counts while simultaneously promoting workplace ergonomics, aesthetics, and cleanliness.

“24/ Seven ESD LockSafe is one-of-a-kind in interlocking rubber tiles. Years ahead of the competition in R&D, this product is another example of Wearwell’s innovative spirit. We continue to bring new products to market that prevent injuries, optimize performance and position teams to compete in the toughest of all arenas – business!”  -Taunya Swandal, Marketing Director

Visit https://www.wearwell.com/24-seven-locksafe-solid-esd

About Wearwell:
Wearwell is a global manufacturer, headquartered in the United States, with sales operations throughout North America, South America and Europe. Since 1950, Wearwell has designed and patented products that prevent injuries, optimize performance and position teams to compete in the toughest of all arenas - business.

Press Contact: Taunya Swandal
Phone:  800-264-3030

Source: Wearwell, LLC


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