Wearwell Announces Grade A® LockSafe® Food Production Flooring

Grade A Food Processing Interlocking Mat

Wearwell announces the newly released Grade A® LockSafe® flooring. These 3'x3' food-grade, anti-fatigue tiles are oil resistant and prevent microbes from growing in food production areas.

Grade A® is the preferred mat in food production today. Originally developed as a standalone mat, Grade A® has now expanded to 3'x3' modular tiles to cover full floors and create custom size work zones.

These food-grade anti-fatigue tiles feature a non-slip drainage design with a secure interlock to prevent separation of tiles. This keeps workers safer by preventing trips.

Grade A® LockSafe® outperforms other food matting through superior design and engineering. LockSafe® connections allow Grade A® to be reconfigured, rolled up, or moved for cleaning and maintenance.

Terra cotta in color, Grade A® LockSafe® features separate ramps and corners to make it easier to design, plan, and install. The proprietary Nitrile compound passes NFSI test ASTM G21-96 (2002), has GRAS status, and is CFIA approved.

Grade A® gets an A+ for specialized food production applications, finally solving the challenge of food mats that do not stay together. Wearwell continues to lead the innovation and design of new mats, floors, cable protectors, and work platforms

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Source: Wearwell


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