Ways to Stay Fit While on Vacation: JustFly and FlightHub Give You the Lowdown

A vacation is, almost by definition, a break in routine. No one books a trip to do the things they do normally, right? In fact, it’s usually the opposite, with the idea being to break as many routines as possible, by sleeping in, lounging around, drinking more than usual, and binging on delicious food. The obvious consequence: the return is going to be a very unpleasant wakeup call. Far be it from us to tell anyone how they should vacation (though Flighthub/Justfly is the perfect place to book a trip) but should one be looking for some tips on how to keep in shape while on vacation, here are a few good ones.

1. Maximize time: Sleeping in is a true luxury, and a lovely break from the scheduled alarms of one’s workweek, but does it make sense to spend one’s hard-earned money to head to far-off locales just to spend the time unconscious? Keeping one’s wakeup time (relatively) consistent, even while away, really softens the blow upon returning home, by keeping one’s internal rhythms in check. It’s also often a great way to see a different side of your destination’s culture. The midday nap is a severely underrated alternative to sleeping in.

2. Plan adventures: When planning a trip, one should try and set up at least one physical activity a day. This is feasible for any style of vacation, even if one never plans on leaving the resort. From hiking to biking to sports of all kinds, almost any destination will have something going on that allows for some movement. Even if one’s activities weren’t planned in advance, a quick visit to the hotel front desk should equip the traveler with a ton of great suggestions (pamphlets galore).

3. Walk it: It can be tempting to want to live it up while on vacation, and transportation is no exception. A taxi here, an Uber there, maybe a train or subway ride if one is adventurous (or on a budget). There’s nothing more healthy (or budget-friendly) than walking it! Is the restaurant thirty minutes away on foot? Well, walking is a great way to see local scenery, and certain to help with digestion on the way back. If anything, one should consider activities or destinations within walking distance of their hotel, or else plan their days around a cluster of destinations within walking distance of one another!

4. Use the facilities: Plenty of hotels and resorts are equipped with fitness centers nowadays, and many of them are quiet and unused, with shiny new machines. Why not make use of them? And, considering how many vacations involve sitting by bodies of water, it would be a shame not to do a good bit of swimming. Swimming is one of the most effective full-body workouts one can get! Some hotels even offer fitness classes, and it’s only a matter of asking when they’re held to take advantage.

Source: JustFly