JustFly and FlightHub on the Future of Travel

​​​Technology is taking the future of travel to new previously unimaginable heights. The way the world has experienced travel in recent decades is rapidly changing. According to the Guardian, over 1.4 billion people traveled in 2019. Improvements in the travel sphere is one of many reasons business and leisure travel are at an all-time high.

Innovative brands are growing. They’re creating new ways for travelers to navigate the world. Experiences are becoming more unique. Competition within the travel industry is intensifying. Travel-related design is on display in airports, hotels and other spaces in nations around the globe.

JustFly and FlightHub provide a glimpse into the future of travel below.

Sustainable Tourism:

People travel for a variety of reasons: to socialize and discover, for leisure, as well as business, self-discovery and more. To protect and conserve the world’s resources, travelers and their favorite brands are shifting their focus to sustainable tourism. A recent report from a leading travel brand provided several key findings. See some of the results in the list below:

·         In 2019, 55% of people wanted to make more sustainable travel choices than in 2018.

·         72% believed there should be a sense of urgency regarding sustainable travel choices.

·         Nearly 75% of respondents ages 23-38 and 46-55 believed this.

·         73% of travelers planned to stay in eco-friendly accommodations in 2020.

·         56% of respondents would choose to offset their carbon footprint if possible.

In addition, reports predict a major increase in aircraft use of sustainable aviation fuel. Full and hybrid electric aircraft will also break into the global tourism market.

Travel Technology:

Significant advancements in technology are enhancing travel before, during and after trips. Virtual reality lets travelers walk through digital versions of hotel rooms, festivals, world-renowned museums and restaurants with little more than smartphones and headsets. In turn, these simulated experiences may motivate some people to travel more. JustFly and FlightHub have assembled a brief list of some of the most promising technology trends in the world of travel today:

·         Augmented reality (AR)

·         Artificial intelligence (AI)

·         Virtual reality (VR)

·         Robots

·         The Internet of Things (IoT)

·         Voice commands

·         Facial recognition

·         Blockchain

When used correctly, technology makes travel easy and efficient. Many projections of the above listed digital trends show significant increases in the next two decades. Mobile apps will play an increasingly important role within the travel industry as well.

Travel companies also stand to benefit from integrating technology. While the human touch remains as important as ever, several travel companies are opting to automate large portions of their organizations. 

High-Speed Rail Travel:

More sophisticated software and the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to push the boundaries of machine and computer integration. National and cross border rail networks will be in sync and run in a timely fashion, while the trains they operate will be moving at significantly higher speeds. Virgin’s Hyperloop One also promises to “reinvent transportation to eliminate the barriers of distance and time.”

Cruise Travel Evolves:

The cruise industry is evolving. Some cruise providers are beginning to offer ecotourism options on private islands. Other cruise companies want to extend the experience by building waterparks, rides, observation decks and other tourist amenities on shore.

In addition, manufacturers are now developing ships powered by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), a fossil fuel type that emits significantly less greenhouse gases (GHG), potentially making cruises one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel.

Travel has always evolved; and it will continue to do so as years pass. While it remains impossible to predict the future, statistical analysis provides insight into trends in customer behavior and how the travel industry responds. For decades, conversations around the future of travel revolved largely around fiction and fantasy. However, if the technological advancements of the past 10 years are indicators of what’s to come, the next era of travel may be the best the world has ever seen.

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