Wave by UV-C Labs Transforms Mobile Phones Into the Ultimate Everyday Sanitizing Tool

Tired of playing defense against the coronavirus and all the new variants? UV-C technology is an efficient way to fight it, plus a study by AJIC concluded that UV-C light was able to diminish the live coronavirus by 99.7% in 30 seconds. UV-C light gadgets are often bulky, and who wants to add another item to their packing list? Wave makes ultraviolet technology easily accessible by seamlessly integrating with smartphones. Mobile devices transform into the ultimate sanitizing tool as Wave provides safe 265-280nm wavelength disinfection that can sanitize any surface in 15 seconds upward to a 90% reduction in pathogens; it has a long battery life of up to 100 uses, fully charges in 30 minutes, and even has a child-proof lock.

Wave will be available to pre-order with exclusive early-bird rates

As Easy As 1-2-3 

The user experience of Wave is flawless as consumers simply need to click, scan, and sanitize. There is an included application to guide consumers through the proper sanitation procedure to leave the guesswork out. For users with children around, this innovation has a built-in child-proof lock.

Tested & Proven

UV-C Labs wants to ensure public safety and has done multiple testing by U.S. microbiology labs that work with bacteria, germs, and viruses. Laboratory results have shown an effective wipeout of 98% of viruses and bacteria in seconds.

Karim Abud, the CEO of UV-C Labs, mentioned that "Not all UV-C light devices are created equally. Devices need to hit the sweet spot on effectively eliminating pathogens while being safe for humans. Wave went through rigorous testing to ensure both of these aspects were prioritized."

"Wave uses proven technology that has shown to kill 99.8% of bacteria and viruses. This product is essential for everyone and consumers may use it at any moment of their day to sanitize any surface with a touch of a button. The application will have the ability to show each surface, and will guide all the users with the process of sanitization allowing you to use the product for the right amount of time and correct distance to effectively kill anything on the surface," concludes Dr. Harendra Chahar, Virologist and Director of Lab Operations of Baylor Genetics.

Feel Safe Everywhere

Whether hitting the gym or dining out, there is always space for Wave. With the slick build of Wave, users may forget about the powerful sanitation tool at their fingertips. Wave is low maintenance, with a single charge consisting of up to 100 uses, and charging time is only 30 minutes.

Feature Highlights

  • Smart app
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Safe 265-280nm wavelength
  • Battery life of up to 100 uses
  • 30-minute charging time
  • Ultra-thin and stylish
  • Non-Invasive & safe
  • Child lock that only opens with code
  • Available in Black and White

For more information, go to https://popcorngadget.com/explore/wave/ and see the press kit for more assets.

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Source: UV-C Labs


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