WaterToken Launches on Oct. 25, 2017

Blockchain Goes Green for WaterToken ICO


​​​​​​​​The notion that man may one day live on another planet has been talked about for centuries. Elon Musk is preparing for a possible colonization strategy on Mars and a typical person could live on the red planet one day. Many technological breakthroughs must fall into place, but one component for human existence is always constant; water. Genesis Research & Technology Group is launching the WaterToken on the cryptocurrency/blockchain exchange on Oct. 25 and the consensus in the internet world is that the system is a technical breakthrough. The patented solar-powered system can clean water without using chemicals and turn our most precious resource back to its usable state. "Genesis Research & Technology Group's revolutionary water solution has the potential to clean 98 percent of contaminated water on Earth without using chemicals; and if we had water samples from Mars we could clean that, too," says Ron Price, CEO of Genesis Research & Technology Group.

The plan of cleaning water for human consumption is already a Genesis reality and, with the ICO launch of the WaterToken, the general public can now profit from the technology. WaterToken is a blockchain dream because it marries both IoT (Internet of Things) and real-world results for a pragmatic problem that has plagued man since the beginning of time. The oil and gas industry uses water in fracking so that oil can be loosened from the Earth's plates. Bobby Magill of Climate Central stated in Scientific American on July 1, 2015, "Oil and natural gas fracking, on average, uses more than 28 times the water it did 15 years ago, gulping up to 9.6 million gallons of water per well and putting farming and drinking sources at risk in arid states, especially during drought." Presently the toxic water from fracking is transported and dumped into disposal wells to never be used again.

The fact that the Genesis System can clean water chemical-free and be used over and over with a clean, green, solar-powered footprint is a breakthrough in the oil and gas market.

Jeff Soward, Chief Technology Officer of Genesis Research & Technology Group

The WaterToken will enable Genesis Research & Technology Group with its already proven technology and environmentally green footprint to expand worldwide and have more portable and scalable systems on every continent. The system can clean up to 2,000 barrels of water per hour and be scaled up to 20,000 barrels per hour. Texas A&M University has verified the blockchain IoT system and conclusively stated that petroleum hydrocarbons were reduced by 99 percent, while metals, aluminum, antimony, arsenic, and selenium were also below human detection limits. Jeff Soward, Chief Technology Officer of Genesis Research & Technology Group states, "The fact that the Genesis System can clean water chemical-free and be used over and over with a clean, green, solar-powered footprint is a breakthrough in the oil and gas market."

Genesis Research & Technology Group has the full whitepaper of drawdown and expansion at WaterToken.io/Genesis for the global launch on Oct. 25, 2017. The blockchain model has always been associated with tamper-proof validity of all IoT systems and Genesis Research & Technology Group wants the global marketplace to view the results in real time. "Legal document storage on the blockchain could cut down on fraud and manipulation of the global carbon credits scheme. It is estimated that currently $979,000,000 USD is spent annually to administrate the global carbon credit scheme," states Darren McVean, CEO of MVP Asia Pacific.

About Genesis Research and Technology Group: Genesis Research and Technology Group is a U.S.-based company that has developed a patented, state-of-the-art technology that provides clean reusable water for the world's population. The Company exploits its CHEMICAL-FREE technology as its efforts are being recognized by several leading government agencies developing and implementing Green technologies to protect and preserve our Earth's resources.

Genesis Research and Technology Group provides custom built state-of-the-art water treatment technologies for all types of water. Years of research and development go into perfecting this technology that allows Genesis to offer its clients a sole source, reusable water filtering and cleansing technology that is totally chemical-free.

For more information: watertoken.io/genesis

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