"Watchuck": Time May Be Relative but It Marches to the Drummer Wearing This Device!

​The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary describes adapt in different ways but this description fits the new Watchuck perfectly…to change (something) so that it functions better or is better suited for a purpose. The Watchuck is a device to adapt a wristwatch and secure it onto laced footwear. The device, used in pairs, secures a wristwatch to the laces of a shoe or sneaker and permits the time to be checked by simply glancing downward at one’s feet. It offers a unique and stylish new way in which to wear a watch, totally unencumbered leaving the wrists free; Watchuck permits the wearer to check the time even when both hands are occupied.

The Watchuck is a convenient way to wear a timepiece. It is a simple, two-piece device for attaching a wristwatch to the laces of a shoe. The Watchuck pieces are each comprised of a one-piece molded plastic material featuring a watch spring, pin eyelet and a shoe lace receiving member or shoelace eyelet. When using the same pins from an existing watch band, attach the watch face to the Watchuck pieces. With the strap from the watch removed, the Watchuck can be attached to the watch face and secured to the laced shoe by inserting the laces into the shoelace eyelets above and below the watch face. Once completed the shoes or sneakers the Watchuck is secure and the user is ready to go.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Watchuck.
The Patented Watchuck (# US 7,471,593, B2) was invented by Chuck Loring of North Hollywood, CA who said, “All one needs to do is glance down at his or her shoes and can be able to quickly realize the elapsing time since he or she has been out. There is no need to slow down or stop to see what the time is when using this unusual new product called Watchuck. It works great.”

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