Watch 'The Carfather' Franco Barbuscia & Son Damiano's Special Guest Vehicle on Jay Leno's Garage Today at 10:00pm Eastern & 7 Pm Pacific Time on CNBC

Hint: It's, Screaming Red, Bigger than a Bread Box, made in Italy and drives especially well in the Desert!

Damiano Barbuscia on Jay Leno's Garage

They’re back! Watch the Carfather, Franco and son Damiano Barbuscia's Special Guest Vehicle on Jay Leno's Garage tonight, July 5th.  The episode, entitled  "Losing Control" features the Barbuscia's Red, Hot, Rare Original SUV on CNBC.

Damiano & Franco are no strangers to the shop and know their way around Jay's famous Garage!  They CRUSHED it on the Season 2 CNBC Debut episode of Jay Leno’s Garage which included a screaming Blue Countach with Shark Tank guru Robert Herjavec and Jay popping into Franco’s European Sports Cars California exotic car supershop filled with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati’s, McLaren exotics -- and more! Watch:

We love working on all things Jay Leno. We've known Jay since he was a comedic Bambino and his passion for cars is undeniable and topped only by his talent as a comedian. Thanks for including my dad Franco "The Carfather" and myself"

Damiano Barbuscia, Co-Star of "The Carfather " sereis Franco's European Sports Cars

Previous appearances with Franco, Damiano & Jay include over 1.5 Million views on Youtube alone for Damiano and Franco’s visit to Jay Leno’s Garage with their astounding custom exhaust and tuned white Lamborghini Diablo:

Like an Italian Opera! They have racked up another almost 900,000 views for the rare supertruck and original SUV, the Lamborghini LM002 (video)

With Momma Mimma and Daughter Rosa running the shop, The Barbuscia family has an ever-expanding fanbase.  New Merch! - and and and | @francoseuropean | @jaylenosgarage | @cnbc |@cnbcprime

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