Indie Source, the Los Angeles Apparel Manufacturing Firm, Creates the 'Independence Mask'

Indie Source Offering a 1-for-1 Model Providing Face Masks for Purchase and Donation to Those in Critical Need

Indie Source

​​​​​​​Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced in an official city guidance this week that non-medical face masks should be worn by all Angelenos when in public. The guidance has been echoed by the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Anne Rimoin of UCLA who added, "The virus can be spread by 'speech droplets.' Protect those around you by wearing a mask." Local law enforcement will also now be wearing masks as part of the guidance from Mayor Garcetti.

This guidance heeds prevailing medical evidence that when face masks are worn by all citizens, regardless of evident symptoms or sickness, virus contraction can be decreased or even prevented.

Quickly stepping up to produce these desperately needed masks is Indie Source - a Los Angeles-based apparel manufacturing company that has nimbly adjusted its production capabilities to construct and ship out fabric face masks to those in need.

"We saw that the apparel industry was being called forth to use our creativity and ingenuity to find solutions in this crisis," said Zack Hurley, Indie Source co-founder and CEO. "We have always relied upon, and shared our resources with, our local community and can think of no better way to serve the brave medical and service professionals in this time of need. The support of our entrepreneur community has been inspiring and has already allowed us to fund the creation of several hundred masks for donations."

The Indie Source Independence Mask was developed in partnership with physician consultant Dr. Jordan Lee Tate, MD, MPH, to serve as a protective cover for N95 masks and an enhanced fabric mask to be worn alone or with a filter. As a 2-ply pocketed fabric mask, it functions as a physical barrier and, when paired with a filtered insert, offers enhanced protection.

With a buy-1-donate-1 model, the Independence Mask is available at, while also allowing those who only wish to donate to sponsor masks as well. The need for accessible, well-constructed, affordable fabric face masks has never been greater and Indie Source has ensured they can keep their workers safely employed while maximizing their output to serve as many as possible with desperately needed PPE.

Any organization wanting to purchase or receive donations for fabric face masks, please contact Zack Hurley -

For every mask bought, Indie Source donates one mask to service industry or health care professionals in need.

  • 100% woven cotton outer & inner + comfortable elastic trim
  • One size fits all (2.75" height x 8/14" nose x 7 1/8 chin). Color & fabric will vary.
  • Machine washable
  • Pocket opening above nose bridge adds filter (disposable HEPA filters, coffee filters, and vacuum filters are all quite effective!)
  • Not a substitute for N95 surgical/procedural masks - Not FDA approved

Source: Indie Source