"Warm Fingers": Cozy and Warm Hands Defeat the Dexterity Challenge in Cold Winter Weather

​Warmth today can be measured in many different ways. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary it is described as a “gentle heat or a strong feeling”. In this case, gentle heat is the most accurate description and it is provided by a new product called Warm Fingers. The Warm Fingers is a specially designed pair of gloves featuring an internally contained heating system. Warm Fingers is waterproof, breathable and rechargeable with the design intent to provide consumers, particularly those who work outdoors and outdoor enthusiasts with a simple means of keeping their hands cozy and warm in cold temperatures.

These Warm Fingers are designed to be worn by both male and females and are produced in a range of size to accommodate wear including adults, teens and children. Warm Fingers are manufactured of flexible, insulated and waterproof canvas, nylon or similar synthetic materials and enclosed in a layer of leather or suede or a knit material. A sheepskin fleece type material lines the inside of the glove. The most notable aspect is found in the integrated heating system that warms each glove. It is configured similarly to an electric blanket with each glove featuring rows of thermal heating elements sewn into the gloves padding. Warm Fingers are available in an array of print options and bright attractive colors as well as neutral shades.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Warm Fingers.
The Patent Pending Warm Fingers was invented by Ginger Quinonez and Lily Martinez of Newark, NJ who said, “Frigid temperatures during cold winter months can be a definite challenge. If one can keep the hands warm it aids the ability of the body to feel comfortable.  Warm Fingers does just this because being able to move one’s hands and fingers is vital even when not encased in bulky mittens or gloves.”

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