Wallis Bank Launches New Services to Enhance Customer Experience and Security Online

Wallis Bank has launched a number of new features for its customers allowing for more convenient access to their online accounts without sacrificing security. New services include Wallis 360, a revamped treasury management system for both small and large businesses; CardValet®, a mobile application for online debit card control; and Wallis Bank Mobile, a retail banking application recently updated for mobile deposits. As Wallis Bank finalizes their rebranding efforts and continues to expand, these updates reflect Wallis Bank's commitment to providing financial services that are unsurpassed in customer satisfaction.

“Our overall goal in making upgrades to our online banking services is to empower our customers with the tools and services that they need to manage their accounts,” stated Asif Dakri, Chief Executive Officer. “For our business customers that means providing an online banking platform that scales to a full treasury management platform as their needs grow. For retail customers, it means giving them more ways to monitor and control transactions on accounts.”

Wallis 360 is an online and mobile banking platform designed to give business customers convenience and security. It features a secure browser that protects customers accessing the service while blocking unauthorized users from their accounts. Wallis 360 accommodates a large range of business customers, from online banking features for small businesses, all the way to full-blown treasury management for larger businesses.

This gives business owners enhanced control to limit access to accounts, put limits on transaction amounts, enforce dual control on sensitive transactions, and more. Users can also enjoy flexible reporting, notifications, and account data export features. In addition, the mobile banking application provides access to the accounts from the convenience of a mobile device with the ability to perform payment actions on accounts such as approving and submitting wire transfers. Wallis 360 is currently available to all customers.

Wallis Bank has introduced an enhanced mobile application, Wallis Bank Mobile, for retail customers, and CardValet®, a new mobile application for debit cards. Wallis Bank Mobile has been updated to support deposits on mobile devices. CardValet® gives customers complete control over their debit cards, allowing them to enable and disable their cards with a single touch. Customers can also selectively allow transactions based on location, merchant type, or transaction type. Wallis Bank Mobile and CardValet® are available today.

“Wallis Bank’s rebranding efforts are motivated by our growing national presence,” Dakri said. “The Bank’s reach is expanding into new markets, and by offering new tools and services to our customers, we are further expanding that reach, giving customers new ways to conduct business and transactions.”

About Wallis Bank

Wallis Bank is a full-service community bank dedicated to serving both rural customers as well as large international clients with the highest level of personal service. The Bank was established in 1906 in Wallis, Texas, and holds the unique experience of surviving the Great Depression and both World Wars. Over the years, the company underwent the expansion of additional branches and offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. In 2017, Wallis Bank was ranked 12th among the 100 best-performing banks in the US with less than $1 billion in assets by S&P Global Marketing Intelligence.

CardValet® is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.

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