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Video technology pioneers VXG Inc. just released a one-stop solution for streaming live video in any browser: VXG Web Player. 

"Over the past several years, we've had tons of inquiries about a single solution that will play live streams such as RTSP, RTMP and HLS on any web browser. We listened to our clients and developed VXG Web Player," explains VXG's Robert MacMillan. "This is truly a game changer in surveillance because it makes live video streaming so much easier."

The current archaic method requires companies to host streaming servers, utilize different technologies for different browsers. With VXG Web Player, it is as simple as copying the package on your website, and the VXG technology takes care of streaming, scalability and video playback in any web browser. With this new cutting-edge technology, VXG predicts a massive industry change. Companies can now have thousands of watchers located anywhere in the world, viewing thousands of cameras simultaneously right from their web browsers. There is no need to consider scaling; the solution will scale up and, when necessary, down completely automatically.

Robert enlightens us that not just surveillance companies are contacting VXG. "We just integrated VXG Web Player into a very large surveillance provider, it was a perfect solution for them," Robert describes. "traditionally users think of viewing their cameras in a computer program or on an mobile app for surveillance, we've made a fully compabilable HTML5 video surveillance player

Click for more information on RTSP in HTML5 or call them at +1 866 416 0159. 

Source: VXG Inc.


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