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VXG Image Extracting

A demanded solution is not always a complex one. VXG engineers were working on a side project that has taken off as a highly demanded service. This service allows remote monitoring and video analytics companies to pull and process images at specified intervals from many cameras. The service pulls streams from IP cameras and NVRs then extracts images from the streams and stores them on the cloud.

"At first it sounds like a relatively easy innovation," said Robert MacMillan, Head of Sales at VXG. "But when it comes to a scalable service, it's a completely different story. This is where our expertise in cloud surveillance and VSaaS is fully utilized."

Robert explains why and how this service is used. "Remote monitoring and video analytics software companies have a need to extract certain information without having to watch hours of video. With our API you can analyze hours of footage from hundreds of cameras just by scrolling." Robert gives an example of a client in the vending machine business. "Our client can easily view images to see when are peak hours and when items need to be replenished. His main concern was how much bandwidth he was using with video; by just pulling images we are using a fraction of his previous bandwidth."

VXG is a popular name in the surveillance world; their mobile surveillance app has thousands of daily users. With recent developments, they've also adapted to web. VXG's solution will work in all major web browsers and with all major video stream formats. With the ability to build any customizations, Robert and VXG believe the possibilities are endless with this service. Check out the latest in video surveillance news

Contact Robert for a free trial at Robert@vxg.ca or 1 866 416 0159 ex.102.

Source: VXG Inc.