VueReal Presents Its Full-Colour AR Solution and High-Yield, High-Throughput Micro-Printing at SID Display Week 2022

Enabling Personalized and Mass AR displays

Self-aligned MicroLED integration process for AR MicroDisplays.

VueReal, a leader in micro printing technology, will present its self-aligned process and super high-resolution colour AR demonstration at SID display week 2022. In addition, it will highlight its latest developments in its high-throughput, high-yield micro-printing process.

A major challenge with developing full-colour displays for AR is the development of sub-5um full pixels. "Traditional approaches result either in bulky structures or subparts displays," said Dr. Fathi, VueReal VP of Technology. "With our self-aligned process and our new approach to colour displays, we can achieve small displays needed for fashionable AR devices without sacrificing the performance and colours," continued Dr. Fathi. "VueReal AR microdisplay solution can be scaled easily to high volume productions as it overcomes the challenge of material and substrate difference between the backplane and microLEDs," highlighted Dr. Chaji, CEO of VueReal. 

In addition to microdisplay, VueReal's latest achievement with the micro-printing process unlocks the potential of microLED displays for all applications (IT, automotive, TV, smartphone, wearable, and AR). VueReal also has been developing critical technologies to reduce the cost of LEDs for applications such as smartphones that will reveal soon. VueReal solution will make microLED cost-competitive with other high-end displays such as AMOLED.

VueReal recently closed its Series B financing of $18.4 million USD to accelerate the commercialization of its display products and technologies. 

VueReal presents at the SID/DSCC business conference and technical symposium during SID display week 2022. Also, we will have technology demonstration units that will be presented by prior arrangements. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in meeting for further discussion on collaboration, product sampling, investment, and technology demonstration.

About VueReal

VueReal is engineering the next electronics revolution by developing and commercializing technology platforms that enable efficient, practical, and scalable production and integration of micro and nano-devices. VueReal's solutions promise to turn the potential of microLED technology into reality by enabling the true-life displays needed by the next generation of smartphones, TVs, laptops, virtual/augmented reality systems, heads-up displays, instruments panels, infotainment systems, and wearables.

For inquiries regarding investment, collaboration, partnership, and products, please contact VueReal at and visit

Source: VueReal Inc.

About VueReal Inc

VueReal, a semiconductor and cleantech company, has developed microSolid Printing platform, enabling the efficient, practical, and scalable production of microLED/microSensor applications. VueReal offers microLED displays for different applications.

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