VTOMAN Announces Launch of Jump 1500 - World's 1st Expandable-Capacity Power Station w/ Jump Starter

VTOMAN Technology, an R&D focused provider of portable power solutions, just announced the launch of Jump 1500 - the world's first portable power station with extra battery and 12V jump starter. Jump 1500 can increase its capacity up to an impressive 3096Wh by connecting a secondary battery. Compact, portable and ultra-powerful, Jump 1500 provides fast-charging for mobile devices, clean power for home appliances and reliable jump starting for all 12V vehicles. This versatile new power station is available now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/593885229/worlds-1st-expandable-capacity-power-station-jump-starter

The VTOMAN Jump 1500 goes beyond the use cases for a typical portable power station. It can increase its capacity up to 3096Wh by connection to a secondary battery through a CP3500 connection cable, allowing it to boost its capacity instantly. With multiple replaceable sub-batteries, it can achieve a virtually unlimited power supply making it the perfect backup for power-hungry mobile devices, home power outages and appliances and tools that have high power requirements. Designed with a special function for jump-starting 12V vehicle batteries, VTOMAN is an essential auto accessory that can jump start a car many more times than a general emergency starter.

"Our team has a great deal of experience with lithium battery technology and portable power solutions and as an R&D focused company we continue to innovate. Our latest release, the VTOMAN Jump 1500 represents the next generation in portable power. It is built using the most advanced battery technology - LiFePO4 batteries have a longer lifespan (2000+ cycles) and are built with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. They are lighter, have a higher capacity and are the safest lithium battery currently available. Combined with the ability to connect a secondary battery and recharge with solar power, VTOMAN Jump 1500 is the ultimate portable power solution for recreation, travel and home emergencies." - Benson Liao, Founder of VTOMAN

VTOMAN Jump 1500 has a wide range of output options including 3x AC (110V/60Hz), 2x DC (12V/10A), 1x cigarette lighter, 2x USB-C, 4x USP-A ports (one QC 3.0 & three 5V 2.4A). It features an LCD display screen with battery power, available time, and real-time power consumption and puts out Pure Sine Wave power which protects electronics while providing a stable and continuous power supply. The power station further enhances its versatility with multiple recharge methods including AC, DC, Car Charger, and 60W/80W/100W/120W Solar Panels for an off-grid option. Solar Power is clean energy and recharging in this way consumes no fuel and has zero energy waste or pollution for a more environmentally focused approach to device power.

VTOMAN Jump 1500 Expandable-Capacity Power Station is the ultimate power solution for travel, recreation, and home emergencies. It is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/593885229/worlds-1st-expandable-capacity-power-station-jump-starter

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