April 1 Alert: VR Bangers Join the Race for Mars!

Award-winning Adult Entertainment Company Launched Their Own Project Competing With Other Space Initiatives

Today, VR Bangers, one of the first adult entertainment sites in the world to produce virtual reality adult movies in full 360 degrees, announced formally that their newest initiative, named SpaceXXX, has been officially launched today, making them join the race for the red planet. This is the very first attempt of the company to enter the space industry, at the same time trying to outdo the competition with their innovative approach to cosmic missions. In the pursuit of being revolutionary, VR Bangers have decided to launch a manned rocket towards Mars, with a mannequin wearing a VR headset preloaded with their exclusive VR adult movies on board. This is the biggest project in the history of the company, being a multi-million investment in the future of both the firm and whole adult videos industry.

“I have spent my entire life making people dreams’ come true by producing adult videos in virtual reality, and I did not know anything about space or rockets a few years ago. Now VR Bangers have built their very own rocket and we are ready to reach the final frontier together with our investors,” said Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “Maybe we are not sending a car to Mars, like our competition, but instead we have launched a human-like mannequin, wearing some of the high-tech VR goggles preloaded with our VR adult movies. This is a clear message in the very first interplanetary journey of mankind – ‘make love, not war’ has always been the motto of our company.”

A project of this size is associated with enormous costs, but, thankfully, VR Bangers have managed to find some sponsors and investors, effectively convincing them that there are some better things to be sent towards the red planet than a hybrid car. Their biggest competition, motivated the producers to start their very own project, thus bringing SpaceXXX into existence. The investment lived its life for many years, taking its toll in form of numerous unsuccessful attempts, but, finally, the company is ready to share the first fruitful effects of their work, announcing that the start of their vessel has finally been successful.

“It is actually hard to count how many unsuccessful attempts we had,” Abramovich explained. “In such an enormous project, everything matters – really. We had to hire a lot of new employees and cooperate with engineers from all around the world to make this dream of ours come true. There was a moment that we were running out of funds, but thankfully we have managed to find some generous investors, who share our ideals when it comes to space travels and technological development in general. Our rocket called αBANGER 69 is a top-notch piece of machinery equipped with some newest tech solutions from laboratories from all around the world.”

VR Bangers’ rocket is a technologically advanced vessel built together by engineers from countries all around the globe, being one of the most innovative rockets of its kind. This two-stage vessel driven by a mixture of convertible oxygen and distilled petrol with a total thrust force of 4.94 MN is capable of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere and coming back to it, potentially being capable of running both manned and unmanned interplanetary missions. The company has tried to launch the shuttle 68 times now, yet since their recent studies are at last fully positive, the whole project had received a green light and the αBANGER was finally ready to start.

“We know that another space initiative was launched weeks ago, but we presume that we will be able to catch up to it,” CEO added. “The fact that we use the latest technology known to humanity works in our favor. We strongly believe that we are capable of outdoing our competition, and we are really counting on it. We have all been working really hard on the SpaceXXX project, and we can’t wait to finally prove both to ourselves and the whole world that we are capable of doing more than just producing high-quality virtual reality adult movies. Since I consider number 69 my lucky charm, it’s no wonder that this attempt was at last successful.”

The rocket has been launched today from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral in the USA. Due to high costs and the technological advancement of the whole project, most of it has remained a mystery so far. Now, when it has finally been officially promulgated, the whole mystique is gone for good, and everyone interested in the initiative can watch the live footage from the mannequin available on the SpaceXXX’s website at https://vrbangers.com/spacexxx (must be 18 or older).

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