Voltus Secures Millions in Demand Response Payments for Customers in Ontario

Voltus Platform Also Guarantees Global Adjustment Savings

Voltus, Inc., the leading demand response provider to commercial and industrial customers, announced today that it continues to be the fastest-growing provider of demand response in Ontario, securing up to $3.7 million in annual customer payments in the latest demand response auction held by the province’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). 

Additionally, Voltus customers receive the demand response industry’s most advanced technology platform that guarantees global adjustment cost avoidance through predictive analytics, real-time data presentment, and instantaneous financial settlement that demonstrates exactly how much a customer is earning and saving while participating in stackable demand response programs.

"Voltus was the clear choice to support both our demand response goals and mitigate our global adjustment costs. The real-time power usage data and instant dispatch settlement really sealed it for us. Using their software, we were able to monitor and react quickly to clip a substantial amount of our global adjustment costs,” said Grant Panchyson, General Manager of Orlick Industries, a leading Ontario manufacturer supporting the automotive industry.

“Ontario customers have flocked to Voltus for one simple reason: we deliver more dollars in demand response than anyone, and we prove it. You have to have a tremendous amount of market knowledge, technology innovation, commercial simplicity, and proven experience to earn the trust of customers like Grant,” said Matt Plante, President of Voltus. 

To learn more about how Voltus maximizes demand response value in Ontario, sign up to a webinar at https://www.voltus.co/crush-global-adjustment-charges-while-banking-toonies/ or email questions to info@voltus.co (not .com).

About Voltus, Inc.

Voltus represents the "potential of us"​ to better manage energy through simple, cost and risk-free demand response programs. Our commercial and industrial customers generate cash by allowing us to maximize the value of their operational flexibility in energy markets. It's this simple: a customer signs up with Voltus and every quarter we deliver dollars. Voltus makes money when our customers make money by sharing the cash generated from working together. What's more, there are significant community benefits that accompany working with Voltus - a cleaner, more reliable energy future and dollars invested back into your business instead of being wasted on a larger energy bill.

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Source: Voltus, Inc.


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