Voltus to Host Webinar to Help Companies Orchestrate and Monetize Distributed Energy Resources in Wholesale Power Markets

Voltus, Inc.

Voltus, Inc., the leading distributed energy resource (DER) technology company, will host a webinar this Thursday, Nov. 4, outlining how DER and grid services companies can monetize their distributed energy resources in wholesale electricity markets. 

Gregg Dixon, Voltus CEO; Dana Guernsey, Voltus Chief Product Officer; and Jon Wellinghoff, former FERC Chairman and Voltus Chief Regulatory Officer, will present different strategies that DER companies have used to access DER market dollars. Panelists from PowerSecure, Optiwatt, and SensorSuite will also join and share their experiences working with Voltus to monetize their DER assets in electricity markets.  

"It is projected that there will be $110 billion in cumulative DER investments in the U.S. between 2020 and 2025," says Gregg Dixon. "Voltus has the market expertise to help companies understand how they can take full advantage of their DERs. Our webinar this week is a must-attend for organizations with DERs looking to capture the value of these assets in electricity markets."

"The market value of distributed energy resources continues to rise as regulation and policy expand to give DERs more and more access to wholesale electricity markets," explains Jon Wellinghoff. "Now is the time for companies with DERs to figure out how they can maximize the value of these resources in these markets."

The webinar will be held at 11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT on Thursday, Nov. 4, 2021.

Interested parties can register for the webinar here.

About Voltus, Inc.

Voltus is the leading platform connecting distributed energy resources to electricity markets, delivering less expensive, more reliable, and more sustainable electricity. Our commercial and industrial customers and grid services partners generate cash by allowing Voltus to maximize the value of their flexible load, distributed generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle resources in these markets. To learn more, visit www.voltus.co.

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