VoiceIt's API 2.0 Release

VoiceIt is releasing API 2.0 and bringing multimodal biometrics to developers worldwide.

VoiceIt Video Verification

We VoiceIt is excited to announce the release of API 2.0, the next generation of multi-modal biometric services.

VoiceIt has been a trailblazer in the voice biometric field since providing the industry’s first online voiceprint portal with cloud-hosted services in 2007. Along this journey, VoiceIt has integrated its top of the line Video (Face + Voice) Biometrics in order to reduce fraud and increase security stability within companies of all sizes. With API 2.0, developers have the power to verify and identify users with their face and voice.

API 2.0 provides developers worldwide with a biometric platform that allows for the rapid development and deployment of multi-modal security solutions across multiple channels.

Get Started Today: https://voiceit.io/signup

iOS SDK: https://github.com/voiceittech/VoiceItApi2IosSDK
Android SDK: https://github.com/voiceittech/VoiceItApi2AndroidSDK
Web SDK: https://github.com/voiceittech/VoiceItApi2WebSDK

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VoiceIt offers a cloud-based, pay as you go voice biometrics service which can be integrated with any platform. Their API provides the ability to innovate, prototype, and create secure systems that address current and future cybersecurity needs.

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