VoiceIt Teams Up With VoicePass

VoiceIt is excited to announce its new marketing and technology partnership with VoicePass.

VoiceIt is excited to announce its new marketing and technology partnership with VoicePass.  

By working together, VoiceIt and VoicePass will offer an unprecedented user experience.  Because VoiceIt and VoicePass take slightly different approaches to voice biometrics, collaboration between the two engines increases both security and usability.  

Both companies have expressed excitement about this new partnership.

“This marketing and technology partnership allows voiceit to grow its business, and offer a multi-modal voice biometrics service.” said Noel Grover, CEO of VoiceIt, after a board meeting with VoicePass. “ With this collaboration, we will redefine the voice biometrics industry standard.”

CEO of VoicePass Michael Farah commented on the strength of this partnership "The main advantages of combining two or more voice biometric engines into one platform are improving performance, saving customers time and money, and removing complex passwords that are far more vulnerable to attack." Michael believes the two companies will roll out the most advanced multi-factor voice biometric platform on the market.

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