Vohra Wound Physicians Introduces Spanish-Language Version of Certification Course

Wound Care Leader Offers Education Course in Spanish for International Market with Multi-Language Curriculum

Online Wound Care Certification in Spanish

Vohra Wound Physicians, the leading wound care management organization in the United States, officially launched a full Spanish version of their online certification course, extending the availability of the educational platform to a larger international audience. The Vohra Wound Care Certification, initially designed by Vohra physicians to train nurses and physicians alike in wound care management, will now allow Spanish-speaking students to take video courses and read accompanying study guides online in their native tongue.

The platform, accessible on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, will provide 9 core video modules and 1 bonus module with Spanish narration, and students can earn up to 16 US-accredited Continuing Nurse Education (CNE) credits in addition to wound care certification.

“As the leading provider of wound care education, offering Spanish language courses represents a small part of our efforts to expand expert wound care to more people than ever before,” said Dr. Japa Volchok, Director of Operations of Vohra Wound Physicians and the project leader of the Wound Care Certification. “Ultimately, in addition to our Spanish courses, we want to extend our international courses into several languages, including German, French, Arabic, and much more.”

The credits gained from the Vohra Wound Care Certification have been approved by the Maryland Nurses Association (MNA) and are recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), meeting national nursing standards for quality continuing education.

“Our educational program gives nurses the training needed to properly care for wounds in the geriatric population,” added Dr. Volchok. “With the growth of wound care as a serious field in the healthcare space, we believe that this is well overdue.”

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Vohra Wound Physicians is a physician group dedicated to bringing wound healing to patients, with over 270 doctors working in over 2800 facilities across 27 states, using leading-edge technologies to achieve its mission of bringing improved wound healing to patients.

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