Vohra Wound Physicians Awarded Grant by Maryland Department of Health to Certify 150 Nurses in Wound Care

Vohra Wound Care has been awarded a Health Care Quality Account grant by the Maryland Department of Health Office of Health Care Quality. The grant will improve the care of Maryland's nursing home residents by training nurses about prevention, assessment and management of wounds in the nursing home setting. The $85,700 award is made possible through the use of civil money penalties that were issued to Maryland nursing homes. This funding provides support for 150 nurses to become certified in wound care through the Vohra Wound Care Nurse certification program. Nurses from eligible facilities that complete this program will be awarded the credential of VWCN™, an industry-leading certification specific to wound care of the nursing home resident.

Based on over 20 years of experience caring for patients in nursing homes Vohra Wound Physicians created this wound care certification program. The program offers 20 hours of CNE in 11 topic areas in an interactive online format. To register for this free education and certification under the award, go to https://vohrawoundcare.com/cmp/maryland.

About Maryland Department of Health Office of Health Care Quality:

The Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ) is the agency within the Maryland Department of Health charged with monitoring the quality of care in Maryland's health care facilities and community-based programs. The Office of Health Care Quality licenses and certifies facilities and programs throughout Maryland. Licensing authorizes a facility to do business in the state. Certification authorizes a facility to participate in Medicare and Medicaid Programs. OHCQ surveys these facilities and programs to determine compliance with State and federal regulations, which set forth minimum standards for the delivery of care.

About Vohra Wound Physicians:

Founded in 2000, Vohra Wound Physicians is the nation's largest physician group dedicated to providing expert wound care services to patients in post-acute clinical settings, including nursing facilities, assisted living centers, and rehabilitation facilities. Vohra's team of nearly 250 physicians provide a complete wound care management program to over 2,700 partner facilities in 27 states. For additional information, please visit www.vohrawoundcare.com.

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Japa Volchok​, VP of Operations

Source: Vohra Wound Physicians