VNI Announces Its Newest Published Paper in the Journal of Systems and Integrative Neuroscience: 'Death by Opioids: Are There Non-Addictive Scientific Solutions?'

​​​​​​​​Victory Nutrition International Inc. (“VNI”) announces its newest published paper in the Journal of Systems and Integrative Neuroscience: “Death by Opioids: Are there non-addictive scientific solutions?”

According to the published paper, the number of prescription opioids sold in America has quadrupled since 2000, with prescription opioid fatalities more than quadrupling in the same period of time. Moreover, the paper reports that a recent analytical report from Stanford University projects that currently available treatment, prevention, and public health approaches will result in 510,000 deaths from prescription opioids and street heroin between the years of 2016 to 2025 in the U.S.1

The published paper also reports that the excessively high relapse rates in the U.S. demonstrate that current treatment approaches have failed to help addicted patients on opioids have better outcomes and improved quality of life in recovery. Essentially, the authors conclude that since greater financial incentives and insurance coverages are available from longer-term treatment programs, a serious ethical dilemma can exist for scientists, clinicians, and counselors in the Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) treatment community to explore scientifically validated non-medical options.2

Moreover, the authors ask the fundamental question that since most rehabilitation programs use opioid therapy to treat opioid addiction, should we continue to provide opioid treatment therapy for opioid recovery in the long term? While it is by default believed that most clinics and physicians want to do the right thing to reduce recidivism rates3, they and other healthcare professionals need to reexamine the routine practice of prescribing opioids for pain and recovery. 

New exciting modalities supported by a significant amount of validating scientific research, such as the Genetic Addiction Risk Score [GARS] coupled with the precision KB220Z, certainly need to be implemented in all treatment programs in America. Anything less will ultimately retain and proliferate failed "revolving door" treatment programs for as many as 90% of returning treatment participants. It is time to adhere to genuine scientific principles.

1. Srivastava AB, Gold MS (2018) Beyond supply: How we must tackle the opioid epidemic. Mayo Clin Proc 93: 269-272. [Crossref] 
2. Blum K, Chen ALC, Thanos PK (2018) Genetic addiction risk score (GARS), a predictor of vulnerability to opioid dependence. Front Biosci (Elite Ed) 10: 175-196.
3. Makani R, Pradhan B, Shah U, Parikh T (2017) Role of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rtms) in treatment of addiction and related disorders: A systematic review. Curr Drug Abuse Rev 10: 31-43.

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