Vladimir Potanin's Tourism Projects Are Named as Most Ambitious by a Global Ranking

The US edition of Forbes magazine has just included four projects of Vladimir Potanin among the most ambitious tourism projects in the world. Seen as a reflection on the whole concept by Vladimir Potanin, the head of Interros - to create a series of world-class tourism projects from the Arctic belt to the subtropics of the North Caucasus in Russia, it puts unique tourism destinations in Russia on the global map. The journalists noted that most of them are being developed in the remote regions of the Arctic and the Far East, where tourists will be able to receive first-class service in combination with the unique natural attractions of these parts of Russia.

These projects include the year-round balneological resort "Park Three Volcanoes" in Kamchatka, where tourists can take thermal baths, ski and wander through the black volcanic sand, the mountain resort "Valley Vasta," which will create up to 5 thousand jobs in the region and will attract up to 1.5 million tourists a year, and two more projects that will be built in the attractive but hard-to-reach depths of the Russian Arctic - on the Rybachiy Peninsula in the Murmansk region and on Taimyr near the famous Putorana plateau. The development of these projects is carried out with a new set of stringent ESG requirements for construction and use, the Green Code, that mandates a minimal ecological footprint and interferences into the surrounding natural ecosystem, and guarantees preservation and wellbeing for the natural habitat.

About Interros

The Interros Group is one of the largest private investment companies in Russia, founded by Vladimir Potanin in 1990. Since its inception, Interros has successfully completed more than 25 investment projects. Drawing on decades of successful experience in the Russian market and shareholder's assets, Interros invests in high-tech innovative projects aimed at developing Russia and improving people's lives, in line with Vladimir Potanin's vision of transferring capital to the benefit of society. Interros's diversified portfolio includes investments in metals & mining, real estate development, sports and tourism, pharmaceuticals and private equity.

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