Vladimir Potanin of Interros Commits $1 Billion for Investments in High Technologies

Interros, Russia's oldest private investment group founded by Vladimir Potanin, is allocating the funds to support promising high-tech projects and start-ups, which will need more funding as they develop.

Interros has adhered to the principle of developing projects that, along with profits, bring tangible benefits to society throughout its history of over 30 years. The first investments in high technologies were made by Interros back in 2006 when the company invested in hydrogen energy projects. In 2010, Vladimir Potanin announced his intention to commit his wealth to service for the benefit of society.

In recent years, Interros has been actively developing its digital agenda. The company took an active part in the development of the new law on digital financial assets in Russia, and acted as a co-investor in several global digital trading platforms, the most prominent of which is Atomyze, currently in various stages of preparing for operating in Russia, Switzerland and the United States. Interros supported the launch of the Center for the Study of the Brain and Consciousness in Skolkovo, where the Laboratory of Physics of Programmable Materials is headed by the Nobel prize laureate Konstantin Novoselov.

Digital technologies are also being actively developed in another key portfolio asset of Interros - Norilsk Nickel. They allow to effectively control the movement of vehicles in mines, increase the efficiency of document flow, introduce the latest advances in technology in the field of industrial safety and labor protection, environmental control and ESG compliance. As one of the world's leading metal mining companies with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, Norilsk Nickel has launched a carbon-neutral nickel with a digitized certificate of authenticity, and listed exchange-traded commodities on the Vienna, Austria stock exchange.

Earlier this year, Interros created the Voskhod venture fund, and the volume of its investments there will exceed US$136 million over five years.

About Interros

The Interros Group is one of the largest private investment companies in Russia, founded by Vladimir Potanin in 1990. Since its inception, Interros has successfully completed more than 25 investment projects. Drawing on decades of successful experience in the Russian market and shareholder's assets, Interros invests in high-tech innovative projects aimed at developing Russia and improving people's lives, in line with Vladimir Potanin's policy of transferring capital to the benefit of the society. Interros's diversified portfolio includes investments in metals & mining, real estate development, sports and tourism, pharmaceuticals and private equity.

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Source: Interros